Logitech mouse ideal for gamers

Logitech mouse ideal for gamers

Typically computer mice feature a standard design. Every so often, somebody will try something a little new, usually with mixed success. Logitech, however, is one company that tends to stick to its guns. So we were surprised when we unwrapped its latest high-end offering, the G9, and found a completely redesigned mouse.

Logitech has flattened the design, abandoning its signature curves for sharper edges. Towards the back the G9 thickens to create a rounded shape that fits comfortably in the hand. It is much smaller than previous units, resting almost entirely in the fingers rather than the palm.

Also new is the interchangeable shell, which allows users to switch between a rough and smooth texture. The scroll wheel has also been split into more sections, allowing for more precise scrolling. The sensitivity adjuster returns, letting users quickly flick between three sensitivity presets at the touch of a button. Rounding out the controls are two generic buttons on the right hand side.

The unit's weight can again be adjusted, although you do have to remove the outer shell to gain access to the slot. This time around, only four sockets are offered to store the weights, which come in two varieties: 4g and 7g. As usual, Logitech delivers exceptional performance and we found the G9 extremely accurate. It operates on a 3200 DPI laser sensor, which is much more sensitive than previous units. During our gaming tests, the extra precision was obvious, and hardcore gamers who want the best need look no further.

The G9 is supported by the latest iteration of Logitech's Set-Point software. This allows users to alter any feature of the mouse, from how precise the scroll wheel is to how sensitive each of the three preset configurations are. The mouse also has on-board memory, allowing up to five configurations of settings to be stored on the unit itself, which is ideal for people who frequently play on multiple machines.

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