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LANSA Composer, Business Process Integration For The Rest Of Us

  • 16 October, 2007 14:58

<p>LANSA announces the general availability of LANSA Composer</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia — October 16, 2007 — LANSA announces the general availability of LANSA Composer, the first Business Process Integration (BPI) solution designed specifically for small and medium businesses. The first release of LANSA Composer is targeted to System i users, while a second release will expand to Windows and Linux users. BPI solutions are common in large companies, which can afford the cost and complexity involved. But today every business – large or small – is under pressure to automate their manual processes, better integrate their internal systems and securely share data with external parties. LANSA Composer is the first native System i solution to address all of these requirements and be packaged and priced for the mass market.</p>
<p>“LANSA Composer aims to do for BPI what many of the end-user reporting tools have done for Business Intelligence,” says Pete Draney, CEO at LANSA. “We call it ‘Business Process Integration for the Rest Of Us’.”</p>
<p>LANSA Composer is a design and execution platform for integrating business activities involving transport and transformation of data, as well as custom business processing. The software combines two main elements: a graphical business process workflow mapping and design tool, and a powerful any-to-any integration execution engine.</p>
<p>The tool is built on LANSA Integrator technology, a cross-platform Java-based engine that over the past decade has been used by developers to address a wide-range of connectivity, application integration and document delivery requirements. Several hundreds of companies worldwide use LANSA Integrator for Web Services, EDI-INT, product synchronization via 1SYNC and the Global Data Synchronization Network, and other real-time transacting. The LANSA products, including LANSA Integrator and LANSA Composer, are developed in Sydney Australia. LANSA is one of the most successful Australian software exporters.</p>
<p>LANSA Composer adds new graphical data mapping and process orchestration tools to create a code-free BPI environment. A business analyst, or a similarly skilled person, can now design a solution in conjunction with end-user domain experts without requiring programming expertise. Typical business scenarios in which LANSA Composer can be put to use include automated transactions and alerts between trading partners, workflow procedures between staff and automated updates between systems.</p>
<p>Composer allows companies to automate the orchestrating, transportation and transformation of these transactions with other events, passing variable data between the transactions and applying logic to create multi-step business processes that can be managed as a single unit.</p>
<p>“The goal is to automate manual processes and eliminate re-keying of data by reducing the amount of paper, email, fax and human interaction required to complete a given business process. LANSA Composer can also replace any batch processing or semi-automated file transfers with real-time interfaces between applications and databases,” says Paul Gandell, general manager of Asia Pacific, at LANSA.</p>
<p>“In many System i shops you will find point-to-point connections crafted using technology that, today, is considered no more advanced than two tin cans and a piece of string! People have been making do with these relatively unsophisticated solutions because more advanced technology has been beyond their reach. LANSA has a twenty-year history of making advanced software more simple and LANSA Composer is yet another example of our commitment to the System i community,” says Gandell.</p>
<p>About LANSA
LANSA is a leading provider of application development, modernization and integration software. LANSA's powerful suite of cross-platform development tools lets organizations overcome the complexity inherent in creating and maintaining business applications. LANSA’s integrated tool set is also the technology foundation for a wide range of business solutions from LANSA and over 300 Business Partners. Established in 1987, LANSA supports thousands of companies around the world with its products and services. The LANSA Research and Development center is based in Sydney, Australia. For more information, please visit:</p>

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