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Mr Rental trusts backups to Spheritec

  • 12 November, 2007 11:14

<p>Mr Rental has today announced a deal with eBusiness vendor Spheritec to supply online backup services to their national franchise network in Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>With roll-out to commence almost immediately, Mr Rental began assessing their data backup procedures after one of their stores was decimated by fire.</p>
<p>Thankfully in this case the manual backups had been done correctly, allowing for fast retrieval but the incident prompted a company-wide review that gave a clear indication that manual backups were not done regularly or correctly.</p>
<p>Spheritec’s Datagard will replace a daily manual system of data file and semi-automated backup routine using Iomega backup drives.</p>
<p>Online backup has been chosen as the winning solution for Mr Rental for both its automated and offsite capabilities.</p>
<p>‘Online backup is easily our preferred option. Our disaster recover plan requires backups be taken off-site but, due to the pressures of business this didn’t always happen in all stores’, says Matthew Venamore, I.T. Manager for Mr Rental.</p>
<p>‘The Datagard solution stood out to us as the most compatible with our needs. They have been awarded our business because of the security of their servers, SQL server backup, automated scheduling and price’, says Mr Venamore.</p>
<p>Another crucial factor in the decision was that Datagard servers are Australian-based.</p>
<p>Implementation will take place during the next two weeks at all 57 sites.</p>
<p>Due to its simplicity, installation will be managed by Matthew and his team at the National Support Office but carried out at a site-level by Franchisees themselves.</p>
<p>The next I.T. project on the horizon for Mr Rentals will address group reporting improvements and collaboration and conferencing.</p>
<p>Spheritec is an Australian owned and operated company addressing security, privacy, integration and cost savings in applying eBusiness to every business.</p>
<p>Datagard was launched 12 months ago by Spheritec to ensure the security of critical business data for small and medium sized businesses but has also found a comfortable fit within a franchise and multi-site structure.</p>
<p>Spheritec predicts online backup in Australia will follow the boom experienced in the U.S. and Europe as more and more business owners realize their dependence on their electronic data.</p>
<p>About Mr Rental</p>
<p>For ten years, Glen and Kerrianne Hickman built their business in their local Queensland community, developing and optimizing the Mr Rental systems.
In 2001 they took the bold move to start franchising, with a vision for Mr Rental to become ‘the world’s first choice in home appliance renting’.
Within two years they had more than 30 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, growing to 57 stores today.</p>

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