Compuware detects processor errors

Compuware detects processor errors

Compuware has released its error-detection solution for Intel Itanium processors, the DevPartner64 suite, to provide a cheaper alternative to in-circuit emulators. The suite offers developers using Windows XP 64-Bit Edition an automatic error-detection tool for C++ developers, BoundsChecker, and a 64-bit version of SoftICE, a system debugger aimed at driver developers. While sold as a suite, both can be run separately. The tool lets developers delve into programs to find errors such as memory leaks, improper API usage and buffer overruns. Compuware executives said the 64-bit version of system debugger SoftICE has the ability to follow application execution between user and kernel code. SoftICE has been used by Intel to debug its x86 chips and is particularly useful for real-time systems, because it doesn't need to use video drivers or the components of the machine it is running on. Compuware will soon release similar tools for AMD chips. DevPartner64 is available immediately. Pricing depends on the number of licences ordered due to cost scaling.

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