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Enterasys Networks Introduces NetSight Console 2.0

  • 23 February, 2005 11:23

<p>Enterasys Networks® (NYSE: ETS), the Secure Networks Company, today introduced NetSight® Console 2.0, the management control console for the award-winning Secure Networks™ NetSight security software suite. Secure Networks is the only network security model that embeds security into the network infrastructure with a unified management and policy software platform to provide the highest levels of information assurance and business continuity with the least operational impact.</p>
<p>NetSight Console 2.0 is the command and control center from which all NetSight management applications initiate. The distributed client/server architecture enables users to log in to the NetSight server from anywhere on the network to gain increased visibility to thousands of devices and respond quickly and effectively to security events. This approach to network management enhances business productivity, reduces the burden on IT managers and streamlines overall network operating costs. It is the only solution that enables enterprises to manage every device on the network and apply policy control over each application, by attached device, with a single action.</p>
<p>Network managers can launch Console independently or in conjunction with other NetSight management applications, and automatically create topology views of the network. NetSight’s other unique tools include FlexViews, which can perform diagnostic queries in seconds so network administrators can troubleshoot problems more effectively across the entire infrastructure. No other platform available today provides this level of visibility, control and ease of use across networks with thousands of infrastructure devices.</p>
<p>“Customers have told us that Console and the NetSight suite are instrumental in lowering the day-to-day opex costs associated with running and securing their networks,” said Cynthia Gallant, executive vice president, Secure Networks Group for Enterasys. “Many enterprises have discovered that staffing levels can be a full order of magnitude less for Console-managed Enterasys Networks than they are for networks with our competitors’ products.”</p>
<p>Console is the central component of the NetSight applications, which include Policy Manager, Inventory Manager and Automated Security Manager. NetSight recently won the ‘Top Choice Award’ for Outstanding Achievement in Security Technology from VARBusiness magazine, and in January 2005 earned the ‘Product of the Year’ Gold Award for Network Security Devices and Tools from</p>
<p>“Network security is a hot topic today. While many vendors claim to deliver an integrated approach to security, in reality most only offer point products that are bolted onto the network and managed through different interfaces. This makes management more complex and exposes enterprises to much greater security risks,” said Gallant. “Only Enterasys, with our unique policy-based approach to integrated network security, provides the robust, powerful Secure Networks capabilities that protect enterprise networks from a wide range of internal and external threats to help enterprises maintain business continuity. NetSight Console 2.0 is just the latest enhancement to our policy-based solutions and common network management platform. When it comes to defending a network, role-based policy for each user and device is key.”</p>
<p>Customer Perspectives on NetSight Console 2.0</p>
<p>“On an average day, the UNC network has 70,000 devices serving 32,000 users. Top network management and security are mission-critical services. We use NetSight Console with Automated Security Manager to place a compromised device in a remediation state, which drastically reduces the ability of a known virus or hack to spread on the network. This automated solution takes less than a minute to block intrusions. We extensively use Enterasys policy solutions to easily deploy or change edge blocks of traffic patterns. These policy tools get traffic blocking done quickly across the network. Having tried many other solutions, we know that if you are not using NetSight Console 2.0 then you are not managing the edge of your network.”
—Mike Hawkins, associate director for data networking, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, ITS-Telecommunications-Networking</p>
<p>“NetSight Console 2.0 is a leap forward for a platform I have come to depend on. We leverage Console for monitoring and management not only of our Enterasys network but other SNMP devices such as UPS systems, server RAID cards and other appliances. Console 2.0 brings a broad enterprise feature set to bear with the mature usability demanded by staff-limited environments, which is a perfect fit for our network.”
—Mike Ruiz, network and enterprise systems engineer, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, N.Y.</p>
<p>“NetSight Console delivers the flexibility and modularity we need. With the newest development of a database management system, the integration of plug-ins is easier and more flexible than ever before. The NetSight Console fits our network management requirements very well."
—Andy Hoegner, IT network administrator for German fashion designer and retailer s.Oliver</p>
<p>The Enterasys Secure Networks Advantage</p>
<p>Enterasys’ industry-leading Secure Networks technology and solutions provide the highest level of infrastructure security available today. Secure Networks delivers the most granular level of security, providing visibility and control down to the network device, individual user and application level. This enables enterprises to quickly and easily detect, assess, locate and protect against attacks. This unmatched security comes from the integrated policy-based management software architecture that works with the embedded security capabilities Enterasys designs into its entire product line. This unique approach offers significant operational and business benefits, unmatched by vendor offerings that add hardware or software to multiple network access points in an attempt to increase security. In fact, Secure Networks technology can even make networks with competitors’ equipment more secure.</p>
<p>About Enterasys Networks</p>
<p>Enterasys Networks is the Secure Networks Company, providing enterprise customers with innovative network infrastructure products, services and solutions that deliver the security, productivity and adaptability benefits required by Global 2000 organizations. For more information on Enterasys Secure Networks and the company’s products, including multilayer switches, core routers, WAN routers, wireless LANs, network management, and intrusion defense systems, visit</p>

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