Parliament House to replace 2000 PCs

Parliament House to replace 2000 PCs

Neither Windows Vista nor Linux on the radar

Parliament House in Canberra will replace some 2000 PCs before the end of the 2008 financial year and keep its existing Windows XP standard operating environment.

With some 2000 PCs in use across the parliamentary departments, an estimated 30 percent are expected to require replacement this year, while the remaining 70 percent are due to be replaced after June 30, 2008.

Parliamentary departments use a SOE that includes Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP 2 and Microsoft Office 2002. The SOE installation contains a preconfigured image and post-installation automated updates of drivers and software.

Also in use is a range of specialist software applications on some PCs, including Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software which is used in the production of Hansard and by senators and members of parliament.

The Department of Parliamentary Services is seeking a preferred supplier under a standing offer for the supply and maintenance of PCs within Parliament House. As part of this arrangement, parliamentary departments are also seeking offers for trading in the existing computer fleet.

The duration of the standing offer will be three years with the option of two one-year extensions at the discretion of the Commonwealth.

Each parliamentary department is responsible for its own procurement and purchasing against the standing offer.

Parliament House is also jumping on the green bandwagon by introducing "environmental considerations" in the PC procurement process.

As a result it will consider environmental factors like energy efficiency, noise and heat emissions, and packaging and component recycling or reuse.

"The intention is to purchase products that have a lesser impact on the environment and human health compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose," according to a department document.

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