Aquion tackles white collar crime

Aquion tackles white collar crime

Nuix signs Aquion as the first distributor of its forensic data software products


Australian forensic data software developer, Nuix, has appointed Aquion as a distributor for its email and data discovery products.

General manager of sales at Aquion, Audrey Lyon, was enthusiastic about the appointment.

"We liked what Nuix's product does, and how it does it," she said.

Nuix has two software products: Nuix Forensic Desktop and Nuix Legal Desktop. These can be used to index a wide range of data types, retrieve metadata, identify permanently deleted and encrypted information and identify people associated with an evidence set.

Aquion CEO, Stephen Balicki, said that with most business communication and information now electronic in nature, tools such as Nuix's products were becoming increasingly important in combating white collar crime.

Aquion is Nuix's first distributor appointment.

Nuix CEO, Eddie Sheehy, said the decision to go with Aquion was based on positive reseller feedback.

"We found them to be extremely capable and focused - they have a small number of products that they represent really well," Sheehy said.

Lyon said there was overlap between the Nuix range and other products it represents.

Aquion also distributes risk and compliance products from nCircle Network Security, Application Security, Ecora and PGP Corporation.

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