Xsigo launches I/O virtualization product

Xsigo launches I/O virtualization product

IT administrators can reconfigure, re-map and re-cable resources without affecting servers, storage and network gear with Xsigo Systems’ I/O virtualization appliance.

Start-up Xsigo Systems Monday launched an I/O virtualization appliance that reduces server connectivity bottlenecks by replacing cabling and network and storage interfaces with virtual resources.

The Xsigo VP780 I/O Director replaces multiple network adapters and storage host bus adapters with a switch technology that virtualizes I/O from the server to network or storage connections. It works with x86-based servers and blades.

The 4U (7-inch) device includes 24 10Gbps ports for servers or connections to a 24-port InfiniBand switch. It also includes ports for as many as 15 plug-in Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand or SSL encryption modules.

Using the Xsigo VP780 I/O Director allows IT administrators to reconfigure, re-map and re-cable resources without affecting the servers, storage and network gear. Servers connect to the I/O Director via InfiniBand host bus adapters, which share the I/O. The Ethernet network and Fibre Channel storage switches connect to the I/O Director via 1 or 10Gbit Ethernet or 4Gbit Fibre Channel modules designed by Xsigo.

Traditional server I/O employs physical interfaces with fixed identities that are mapped to storage and network resources. Because these mappings are time consuming to change, applications become locked to specific devices, thus impacting performance and resource utilization.

These mappings may be managed by multiple server, storage and networking teams, so any change requires the coordination of multiple groups. A simple application move from one server to another may involve five or more teams, and would probably require weeks to execute.

Policies built into Xsigo's management software let IT set quality of service requirements and specific service-level agreements.

Xsigo's Director competes with 3 Leaf Systems V-8000 Virtual I/O Server.

Xsigo Systems was founded in August 2004 by three brothers: Ashok Krishnamurthi, R.K. Anand and S.K. Vinod. Krishnamurthi was formerly with Juniper. The company is funded by Kleiner Perkins, Khosla Ventures, Greylock Partners and Juniper. Xsigo has approximately 110 employees.

The Xsigo VP780 I/O Director starts at US$30,000.

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