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NU Dolphin waterproof mp3 won G mark award in JAPAN

  • 24 October, 2007 16:13

<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><strong>Tokyo, Japan Oct
24, 2007</strong> - Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization announced
1,043 items including the "best 15" that were accredited by the 51st
Good Design Award (the so-called "G-Mark"). NU Dolphin mp3 got Japan
G mark design award 2007 in Product Design Categories within 777 items from
worldwide 594 excellent companies this year.</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"> <img align="top" alt="dolphin" height="56" src="" width="200"/></font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><img alt="dolphin" height="253" src="" width="240"/></font> </p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">The "Good Design Award"
is Japan's only comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system. This
system itself has its origins in the "Good Design Selection System"
(generally known as the "G-Mark System") instituted by the Ministry
of International Trade and Industry in 1957. </font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Below is Dolphin mp3 evaluation point from Good Design jury.</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">- It's original.<br/>
- The design concept is superior.<br/>
- The process or the management of the design is superior.</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">- It offers solutions through the creation of systems.<br/>
- It demonstrates new modes of production.<br/>
- It embodies new ways of selling and providing.<br/>
- It shows a high level of solving the problems facing the user.<br/>
- It presents new modes of behavior and manners.<br/>
The NU award-winning Dolphin MP3 Player is the perfect gadget for swimmers and
other water sports fans, offering total freedom of movements and keeping the
athletic performance on the top.</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">The NU Dolphin is an ultra
light MP3 Player with only 25 grams, with very small dimensions (60x20x20 mm).
It’s perfect for water sports, as both player and earphones are 100% waterproof,
with a minimalist design as all control buttons are located on one side and
the headphone jack on the other side. <br/>
The earphone attaches to the player via a special screw-in jack to keep the
device water tight and employs a special non-woven fabric membrane to keep the
speaker vibration plate dry, maintaining a high quality sound output and making
both player and earphones complying with IPx7 international water resistant
standard. <br/>
The earphones are attached with a soft silicon earplug that fits perfectly in
the ears, not only keeping the earphones dry but also preventing them from coming
loose during vigorous activities.</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><br/>
<strong>Product Summary</strong><br/>
Manufacturer: NU<br/>
Produce Name: NU Dolphin MP3 Player<br/>
RRP: $138 for 1GB<br/>
Product Link: <a href=""></a><br/>
Website for publication: <a href=""></a>
Product Samples: Please contact Renato Catalan <a href=""></a></font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><strong>About NU</strong><br/>
NU Inc, the leading company in portable solutions, offers a variety of innovations
for the computer, electronics, and digital consumer products. With a diverse
product portfolio consisting of wireless TV, DVD player, MP3 player, flash drives,
external slim DVD burners and LCD monitors as well as other portable related
devices, NU products are well distinguished in the marketplace for their high
quality, stylish design, and good value to the customer. The company's success
lies in great employees who deliver what customers demand: superior customer
service, on time delivery, training and fast technical support, and the best
packaging and merchandising schemes in the industry. <br/>
NU started inside Quanta Storage Inc. in 2003 as Consumer Division with a team
and formally spins off as NU Inc. on March 2005. Today, NU is a global company
based in Taiwan with branches in the United States and the Netherlands. From
its inception, Nu Inc. is positioned to offer one stop shopping service to our
valued customers for digital lifestyle gadgets with sleek fashion design based
on NU philosophy “Simply Better”. Furthermore, NU Inc. has a mission
to lead the industry providing digital consumer products with more trendy design
and user-friendly function to enrich future digital life.</font></p>
<p><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><strong>PR Contact</strong><br/>
Renato Catalan<br/>
Gap Marketing and Management Pty Ltd<br/>
Website: <a href=""></a></font></p>

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