What's New: the laltest LCD displays for the week commencing 10, October 2007

What's New: the laltest LCD displays for the week commencing 10, October 2007

Planar m57L

This 57-inch direct view LCD panel extends the vendor's line of commercial grade displays, which also includes the 40-inch Bobcat X and 46-inch Bay Cat X. It has been engineered for commercial applications such as control rooms, public information display and corporate boardrooms. It delivers ultra-high resolution (1920 x 1080) and incorporates features such as resistance to image quality degradation, higher brightness and broad source compatibility, which adds to its advantages over plasma displays. It also features the ability to synch to a large range of inputs and includes VESA standard mounting points. The m57L is ideally suited to broadcast applications with features such as Serial Digital Input (SDI) that is capable of accepting standard- and high-definition resolutions. The 1080p native resolution enables the multiple window display to create an active image area approximately equal to seventeen 14-inch CRT monitors, a common configuration in broadcast control rooms. The m57L is also preconfigured with presets for common colour temperatures.

Distributed by Image Design Technology
RRP: $26,925

Sanyo LCD47XR2

This multimedia 1080p high-definition LCD TV features native HD and a 47-inch panel, providing picture clarity in any light. An advanced HD panel, with 1920 x 1080 pixels enables the LCD47XR2 to deliver high-definition television and its 47-inch screen, with a wide 175-degree viewing angle, offers a wide angle of viewing in any room setup. A contrast ratio of 1000:1 also allows for dynamic picture quality with deep blacks, and a colour management system with 500nit brightness, which provides control of the hue, saturation, and brightness. The strong brightness and non-reflective screen enables the TV to be placed in any room, with any light, even near windows and doors, while maintaining bright and vivid colours. HDMI input includes digital video and digital audio in one cable to accommodate today's home theatre components. The LCD47XR2 also features an RS232 control interface for simple integration with home automation systems and PCs.
Distributed by Electroboard and Alloys International
RRP: $3999

Sony FWD-40LX2

This high-definition commercial LCD display provides compatibility with full high-definition 1080/60p signals. It has a 40-inch screen, with the option of a silver or black bezel. A newly developed Advanced Video Processing chip provides fast LCD response time. Sony's True Colour Control feature, incorporated in the LX2 Series, can adjust the hue and saturation of red, green, yellow or blue as desired without disturbing white balance or affecting other colours. This is ideal for any application where true colour reproduction is essential such as corporate logos or graphic design. The unit also ships with two HDMI inputs as well as dual option slots. With a growing demand from commercial outlets to use displays for promotions and information updates, the LX2 Series has features such as control panel lock for tamper-proofing, particularly in public areas, built-in audio amplifier for connection to an external speaker system, plus the ability to operate in either portrait or landscape modes. The LX2 Series also has an in-built video wall function, which enables connection of up to 16 monitors with multiple picture formats.
Distributed by Sony IT Distribution
RRP: FWD-40LX2 - $3795; additional integrated board - $699

Computronics AnimatorPRO

This display allows users to run a slideshow of still images and/or video accompanied with four lines of text. This capability extends to displaying multiple pages of text for each slide. Computronics promotes the AnimatorPRO range as being able to communicate more effectively by using this combination of still or moving images and bright LED text. The range is built on LCD technology in the smaller sizes and plasma displays in the larger sizes, covering 17-, 20-, 32- and 42-inch high-brightness screens with a wide viewing angle and 24-bit true colour. The LED display, meanwhile, offers 30mm or 50mm character height in red, green, yellow or blue across four lines of 20 characters each. The screens are controlled by a Windows-based application which can program up to 25 pages of text and set a time delay for each. Video-wise, the screen can display Mpeg and Avi files, and still pictures in wither .bmp or .jpg formats can also be displayed.
Distributed by Computronics
RRP: $8500

Mitsubishi Electric LDT421V

This 42-inch LCD display has a tile matrix capability that allows the user to link up to 16 panels at one time to form a single configuration. The high contrast display incorporates motion shift and Gamma control; a screen protection feature which moves the images minutely in different directions to stop image retention (burn-in). The screen also features a cooling fan and brightness controls. The LDT421V display has a contrast ratio of 1500:1 and a brightness level of 500cd/m. The LDT421V comes with Picture in Picture (PiP) technology, allowing two images to run on one screen simultaneously. The display also has a rapid response time of 8 milliseconds ensuring fast moving pictures are free from ghosting. To help preserve the life span of the panels the LDT421V detects when an input signal is no longer active and will automatically switch to power save mode. It also has a built in scheduling facility.
Distributed by Multimedia Technology, Todaytech, Also Technology, BMS Technology, XiT Distributors, Compu Wholesale, Altech Computers and Electronic Concepts
RRP: $4199

Chimei CMV 222H

This is the latest 22-inch LCD monitor from Chimei with a wide target market of home users, retail outlets, offices and gamers. The 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor comes with build-in professional HDMI connector with HDCP supported, which ensures high quality picture transmission. It comes with standard AV/SVideo/YPbPr inputs, which can directly connect to Wii, PS3, XBOX360, DVD, set-top boxes, and even receive 1080i HDTV programs through satellite receiver. Chimei's natural colour technology and a high contrast ratio at 1200:1 is combined with a 5ms response time to eliminate display delays. An adjustable base provides a wide viewing angle and let users enjoy work or entertainment in the most comfortable way. The built-in 6-in-1 media card reader also allows easy access to data storage devices, handling all popular formats such as SD, Compact Flash and Memory Stick.
Distributed by Protac International C
RRP: $599

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