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Utimaco SafeGuard LAN Crypt 3.5 Guarantees Persistent Encryption, Even After Files are Copied

  • 12 September, 2007 15:33

<p><i>Allows only authorised users and user groups access to sensitive data across an organisation; offers system administrators and security officers improved client handling, stronger performance</i></p>
<p>COMPUTERLINKS, a leading global distributor of IT security solutions, has announced the availability of Utimaco SafeGuard LAN Crypt 3.5 – a security solution that guarantees persistent encryption, even after files are copied or moved.</p>
<p>SafeGuard LAN Crypt is a data encryption system that allows only authorised users and user groups access to sensitive data across an organisation. Version 3.5 of the solution strictly separates the roles of System Administrator and Security Administrator, as well as offering improved client handling and stronger performance. This effectively addresses the security needs of organisations that outsource their IT functions.</p>
<p>Systems Administrators can still carry out all of their usual backup and maintenance tasks, but are not given the permission or means to decrypt any files. This is because the encryption keys are managed by the Security Administrator who in turn cannot access the stored, encrypted files. This is the separation of roles that enables the enhanced security offered by SafeGuard LAN Crypt.</p>
<p>Security Administrators can create and access an unlimited number of keys which they can assign to individual users. These keys are archived separately in an administration database, so there are no problems with backing up and recovering keys, and no risk of intrusion if the Systems Administrator’s credentials are compromised. Replication mechanisms ensure that data can be synchronised throughout the user organisation. The integration of Microsoft Windows Explorer extensions enables a quick display of encrypted files’ status and allows the centralised creation of encryption profiles.</p>
<p>System administrators can guarantee the confidentiality at every one of an enterprise’s sites or servers, as well as within regional user groups and users. A user’s encryption rules are derived automatically from their group membership, ensuring that changes are implemented seamlessly and securely. This is particularly important when new employees join the company, people move department, or when an organisation is restructured.</p>
<p>“Utimaco SafeGuard LAN Crypt 3.5 is an ideal solution for encrypting backup tapes, since the data being backed up is already encrypted,” said Matthew Hales, Managing Director of COMPUTERLINKS in Australia. “It will also remove much of the burden of responsibility from security officers and system administrators, allowing them to delegate key management tasks hierarchically and spread the load to other colleagues.</p>
<p>“Fixed and definite rights can be assigned to a number of security officers while the master security officer retains all of the management rights – ensuring that sensitive administration tasks can only be performed under supervision. A company’s data security is no longer compromised when the person responsible for a particular area goes on vacation, falls ill or leaves the company.”</p>
<p><b>Availability and Pricing</b></p>
<p>Utimaco SafeGuard LAN Crypt 3.5 is now available through COMPUTERLINKS in Australia. The RRP is AU$230 per user for a 100 user license, including 12 months of support and updates. Bundle pricing is available together with SafeGuard Easy hard drive encryption.</p>
<p><b>About Utimaco Safeware AG</b> – The Data Security Company
Utimaco is the leading provider for data security solutions. The Data Security Company enables mid-sized to large companies and organisations to safeguard their data assets against attacks and to comply with privacy laws by protecting their confidentiality and integrity. In response to twenty-first century threats – the new world of Data Security 360 – Utimaco’s complete range of solutions provide full 360 degree protection unlike free, end-point or built-in encryption solutions which only cover specific security needs. Only SafeGuard solutions protect and manage data both during storage (data at rest), during transmission (data in motion) and during processing (data in use). Utimaco offers its customers comprehensive on site support via a worldwide network of partners and subsidiaries in Europe, the USA and Asia.</p>
<p>Utimaco Safeware AG, with headquarters in Oberursel, near Frankfurt, Germany, is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN DE0007572406). For more information about Utimaco Safeware, please visit</p>
<p><b>About COMPUTERLINKS</b></p>
<p>COMPUTERLINKS is a full-service distributor of data security and authentication solutions, providing Australian channel partners with reliable, supported solutions from world-leading hardware and software manufacturers. The company provides a comprehensive and complementary product portfolio, backed by an extensive range of professional services, to ensure channel partners deliver the right solutions to their customers. COMPUTERLINKS delivers profitable growth to partners and competitive advantage to their customers by providing a full-service package of technical, sales and marketing support, practical training and efficient logistics. For more information, please visit</p>
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<p>John Back</p>
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