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Moji Intelligent Messenger Launches in Beta

  • 27 July, 2007 12:15

<p>Company launches next-generation BETA 3D intelligent messenger that allows virtual “pets” to understand and react to natural human dialogue.</p>
<p>A young Australian start-up technology company, MOR(F) Dynamics, is taking instant messaging and social worlds to new heights of interactivity and intelligence. Since 2005, the Company has been busy implementing advanced techniques in language technologies, artificial intelligence and real-time 3D systems into a next-generation public instant messenger, dubbed the Moji Intelligent Messenger.</p>
<p>MOR(F) has created the first instant messenger client and social worlds application that dynamically responds, reacts to and understands human language. The technology works by extracting meaning and emotion derived from a user’s chat dialogues and blogs in order to trigger a range of visual responses within the applications, thereby introducing a brand new immersive and deeply personal dimension to the user’s online and offline experience. By utilising the power of language analysis, the application is able to detect if a user is sad or moody and to then dynamically change elements such as the user’s pets, avatars, wallpapers, music or widgets to either reflect that particular mood, or to alter the state of the environment such that the user feels better.</p>
<p>The Moji Intelligent Messenger (Moji IM™) is a fully 3-dimensional system that features cute and intelligent virtual pets that feed off a user’s language. MOR(F) CEO, Robert Fong, describes the innovations of this product best when he says that “…for too long, public instant messengers have been uninteresting with few innovations that fail to enhance and improve human to computer interactions. The massive adoption of concepts such as virtual worlds and MMOGs is proving that users are immersing themselves into products that can interact with them on a deeply personal and emotional level. Two people chatting to each other and slinging emoticons back and forth is one thing. But throw in a personalised virtual pet that absorbs, learns, lives and communicates to the users, and immediately, the dynamic changes. All of a sudden you are no longer merely controlling an avatar to mimic your expressions. Instead, the pet has now entered into your own dimension. It can communicate its desires and thoughts to you. We are confident that this kind of technology will enhance a user’s experience by making the way we interact with computers more life-like”.</p>
<p>The Moji Intelligent Messenger debuted at the recent CommunicAsia 2007 in Singapore to rave reviews from both the public and businesses in attendance (see related coverage on this event). The company has now launched the Moji Intelligent Messenger as a closed Beta to a maximum of 50, 000 users. Users from all over the world can now trial the product available for download from the MojiKan site, Project Manager, Harris Roland, estimates that the product will probably stay in beta for 12 months. The newly designed MojiKan site now features promotions, giveaways and games to encourage the massive instant messaging and social world communities to try out this next-generation instant messenger.</p>
<p>As a big plus point, a side feature of the Moji IM™ is that it is also fully inter-operable with existing messengers such as MSN, AIM and GTalk.</p>
<p>The Intelligent Messenger translates beautifully into the company’s social world, the MojiKan™. By utilizing the same techniques as found in the messenger, MojiKan™ is an online place where users can explore a world of interactive pets, meet other “virtual pet-owners” with similar personalities, purchase new accessories for their pets, download new language capabilities, create their own personal page and to write blogs. The difference obviously is that all content within MojiKan™ responds and reacts to users’ language. In addition, users’ pets feature on their personal page as widget-pets that can communicate with friends and visitors to a particular personal page (see related press coverage on MOR(F)’s I-Widgets).</p>
<p>Robert adds that MOR(F) is currently in talks with major telcos, distribution and technology partners in Asia to further extend the ubiquity, compatibility and market exposure of the product to those regions. A kid safe version is also not far off, and the future is looking bright for the company as it expands to other areas such as online net safety (see related press coverage on MOR(F)’s child safety system), recruitment, advertising and mobile applications.
<p>MOR(F) was founded by digital architects, Robert Fong and Billy Chong, based on research originally conducted at the University of New South Wales, Australia.</p>
<p>About MOR(F) Dynamics</p>
<p>Established in March 2005, MOR(F) Dynamics is an innovative privately held startup technology company built on breakthrough Language Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Engine technology for the next generation of human-to-computer interactive and immersive environments. What started as a research project at a think-tank developed at one of Australia’s most prestigious universities has grown quickly into a major technological development and a viable enterprise with numerous potentials across major international markets particularly in Asia and the Asia Pacific.</p>
<p>Since its incorporation, MOR(F) has moved forward in leaps in bounds due largely to its unique offerings in intelligently fusing language technologies with 3D visualization techniques. Today, MOR(F) Dynamics consists of a team of specialist programmers dedicated towards creating what it calls “Technologies of Total Communication”. The company is currently developing a suite of products and applications for the instant messaging and social worlds industry. In the future, MOR(F)’s technologies has the potential to be applied to other areas such as mobility, market research, advertising and security.</p>
<p>Funded largely by private investors, the company operates its research and development out of Sydney, Australia, and its operational headquarters for South East Asian distribution is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.</p>
<p>More information is available at</p>
<p>Contact person:</p>
<p>Billy Chong
Managing Director
MOR(F) Dynamics Pty Ltd
Sydney: +612 9267 6999
Kuala Lumpur: +603 6203 7811</p>

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