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Canon Leads New Industry Standard Adoption

  • 22 August, 2003 17:14

<p>Canon Leads New Industry Standard Adoption</p>
<p>Key Points:
· Canon one of the first digital imaging solutions providers to embrace the PictBridge worldwide standard;
· Worldwide standard supported by other major providers;
· Canon announces world’s first Bubble Jet printer with PictBridge connection; and
· Incorporation of PictBridge direct print standard to be implemented across all relevant Canon products.</p>
<p>Sydney, 21 August 2003 – Canon Australia today announced its full support and adoption of the new worldwide PictBridge standard for all new and upcoming Canon digital imaging products where direct printing is a key component.</p>
<p>PictBridge is a CIPA (Camera and Imaging Products Association) standard and is supported by key players in the industry including Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Epson, Sony and Hewlett-Packard.</p>
<p>The exponential growth in digital still cameras is spearheading the need for the industry to support an open interface standard that allows for the printing of digital images between any digital still or digital video camera, and any brand of printer.</p>
<p>“Canon believes strongly that there has to be an easy way for consumers to print their photos at home. There is nothing more compelling for customers to buy a digital camera, than to have the added knowledge, choice and technology to print the image to a number of outputs including photo printing, borderless printing and wide format printing amongst others and thereby make their digital memories come to life,” said Stuart Poignand, Marketing Manager, Consumer Imaging Products Group, Canon Australia.</p>
<p>“We believe implicitly in the customer’s self-empowerment. PictBridge leapfrogs the computer and the need for digital camera users to be technologically savvy. PictBridge direct print is an enabler and dovetails strongly with Canon’s Advanced Simplicity ethos in that the new standard will allow our customers to achieve creative and compelling printing results from their digital camera, at home, and at no extra cost. It delivers consumers the ultimate in simplicity,” said Mr Poignand.</p>
<p>“As a company that has experienced a stunning 89% increase in the sale of compact digital still cameras, a 139% increase in the sale of digital SLR cameras, and an equally strong increase of 144% in digital video cameras*, we are well placed to drive awareness of the new standard and adopt this with as many of our products as possible.</p>
<p>“As testimony of our commitment to the new standard, Canon’s Bubble Jet printer range is the first in the world to be PictBridge enabled. Further, we are incorporating this standard across almost all of our new digital imaging products so that customers have unparalleled freedom and choice when it comes to printing their digital images,” said Mr Poignand.</p>
<p>The PictBridge standard delivers the following benefits:</p>
<p>· The ability to quickly print straight from a digital camera via a USB cable;
· Provide a printing solution from a camera independent of a computer;
· An open standard maximising consumer choice;
· Camera manufacturers can easily adopt PictBridge by manufacturing the PictBridge connection on their printing or camera products; and
· The specification is independent of the physical interface or transport layer protocol and can be installed on any printer or camera at the manufacturer’s end.</p>
<p>“We will continue to drive the compatibility message for consumers across our products. It is the industry’s collective responsibility to deliver the simplest and most compelling digital image printing standards to consumers and we believe that the success of the adoption of this standard will further drive the growth of digital imaging in this country,” said Mr Poignand.</p>
<p>*(Measure: Unit sales for the first half of 2003, compared to the corresponding period of 2002; sources: Inform and Informark.)</p>
<p>About Canon Australia
Canon Australia ( was established in Australia in 1978 and is a subsidiary of the US$24.5 billion Canon Inc. group. The company is an industry leader in professional and consumer imaging solutions with a comprehensive product line that includes: networked multifunction devices, digital and analogue copiers (colour and black &amp; white), printers, scanners, video conferencing, image filing systems, fax machines, digital video cameras, cameras and lenses. Canon Australia also operates its own lease finance serve, Canon Finance Australia, which facilitates "one stop" shopping for customers wanting to lease or finance their equipment solutions. Canon Inc. is a top patent-holder of imaging technologies with a local R&amp;D centre - CISRA (Canon Information Systems Research Australia) - based in Sydney.</p>
<p>Media contacts:
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