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Toshiba redefines portability with the introduction of the world’s lightest and thinnest notebook computer

  • 01 August, 2007 15:00

<p>Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited Information Systems Division (ISD) today launched its flagship Portégé R500 notebook computer, delivering a world first in portability and power. The Portégé R500 embodies technological innovation, featuring several world firsts – it is the lightest and thinnest notebook with a 7mm optical disk drive, it has the longest lasting battery life and is the first notebook to use transreflective LED backlight technology for enhanced screen visibility.</p>
<p>“Toshiba was the first to innovate the notebook computer more than 20 years ago and today we continue that tradition with the Portégé R500, a product that takes mobile computing to the next level,” said Mark Whittard, general manager, Toshiba ISD. “The Portégé R500 breaks the boundaries of portability, delivering a super-thin, light notebook that is no lightweight when it comes to functionality or performance. It delivers a full-day of battery power, a built-in DVD drive and the same power and performance as its larger counterparts.”</p>
<p>Portability: Light and thin with no compromises
The Portégé R500 is the world’s lightest and thinnest 12.1-inch notebook computer, weighing less than 999 grams and measuring 19.5mm thin. Even at these dimensions, it includes a 7mm DVD Super Multi drive and standard 6-cell Lithium Ion battery. The Portégé R500 is also the world’s first notebook to leverage a Solid State Drive (SSD) in place of a mechanical hard drive with 64GB of storage. SSD is a storage device that utilises NAND flash memory instead of magnetic media in order to offer a number of benefits over standard mechanical hard drives, including:
- No mechanical parts - this makes SSD is much more reliable and able to withstand temperatures, vibrations and shocks more effectively.
- No latency times to seek or access the drive - this provides significant performance enhancements for boot up and accessing of files.
- Minimal power - with no moving parts SSD is much more power efficient adding to better battery life of the Portégé R500.
- Less heat - no moving parts means less heat generated and less noise.
- Better Windows Vista™ experience - faster boot up and read/write speeds improves the user experience of Windows Vista.</p>
<p>The secret to the Portégé R500’s ultra light and slim design lies in Toshiba’s proprietary High Density Mounting Technology. With this process, Toshiba engineers have been able to shrink the size of the notebook’s motherboard by 35 per cent, innovate a super-thin LCD screen and 7mm DVD SuperMulti drive, and reduce the weight of the notebook hinges. This process allows key technologies to be included in the Portégé R500 without adding additional weight.</p>
<p>Power: Battery life that lasts a full work day
The Portégé R500 has the world’s longest battery life, providing more than 12.5 hours of power for enhanced productivity through an entire work day or international flight. Engineered with the latest Intel® Core™2 Duo ULV processor, power saving thermal design and a highly energy efficient LED Backlit display, the Portégé R500 delivers the best battery life available in a notebook computer. Designed for road warriors and globe trotting executives, this long lasting battery will provide more computing flexibility and confidence whilst on the go.</p>
<p>Display: See and be seen
The Portégé R500 is the world’s first notebook to integrate a transreflective LED backlit display for enhanced screen visibility indoors and outdoors. This new screen technology enables users to clearly see their notebook screen, even under direct sunlight. Whilst outdoors, users simply turn off the Portégé R500’s LED backlight and use the natural light of their environment to light the notebook screen. This off feature also preserves battery life whilst on the go. With adaptable screen technology, the Portégé R500’s screen is visible without glare in any environment.</p>
<p>Rugged: Mobility not to mess with
The Portégé R500 features enhanced ruggedisation to withstand everyday drops, knocks and spills. Toshiba was the first manufacturer to adopt magnesium alloy casing, and has continued to innovate robust casing technology that is durable, yet lightweight and stylish in design. The Portégé R500’s display is mounted on a ‘floating’ mechanism to provide better shock absorption and flexibility. In addition, the Portégé R500 went through a series of tests, including a 75cm drop test and liquid submergence test to confirm its strength and durability. As always, Toshiba’s business notebook range incorporates Toshiba’s EasyGuard technology, which features advanced security, system protection and connectivity.</p>
<p>With leading innovation, comes leading style. Toshiba’s Portégé R500 features a silver high gloss casing and an enlarged Toshiba logo for fashionable portability.</p>
<p>The Portégé R500 comes with a three year international parts and labour warranty, including complimentary courier pick-up and return service (Australia and New Zealand).</p>
<p>Pricing and availability
The Portégé R500 is available in two models with a recommended retail price of $3,300 or $4,125 including GST. The Portégé R500 is available via Toshiba Authorised Resellers and Distributors. For a full list please visit:</p>
<p>About Toshiba</p>
<p>Toshiba’s Information Systems Division (ISD) is a division of Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, the ninth largest integrated manufacturer of electric and electronic equipment, with around 161,000 employees worldwide, and annual sales of over A$73billion on a consolidated basis. Toshiba is the leader in the Australian notebook market, with 21.6% of the market in calendar year in 2006 (IDC) remaining as leader both in market share and revenue.</p>
<p>Unique among vendors, Toshiba ISD specialises exclusively in mobile solutions and services. A global reputation for quality has been achieved through an R&amp;D budget, roughly equal to Australia’s total expenditure as a country in this area. Toshiba ISD extended its business in 2007 to include Toshiba’s audio visual (AV) products. This expansion is a consolidation of the company’s IT and AV technology offerings and drives Toshiba Corporation to be a key player in the Australian computing and home entertainment market.</p>
<p>Instrumental in the DVD revolution, Toshiba Corporation now introduces its HD DVD format, offering incredible image quality and realism where sound and pictures come to life. Continuing its commitment to innovation and market leadership, Toshiba is providing Australians with the next generation of High Definition products.</p>
<p>Since it pioneered the notebook market in 1985, Toshiba ISD has sold more than 1.75 million notebooks in Australia and New Zealand and in 2006 celebrated its 21st anniversary of providing market leading mobile computing solutions.</p>
<p>Toshiba’s Virtual Pressroom:</p>

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