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Satyam Signs Two Major IT Contracts with FIFA

  • 31 July, 2007 16:52

<p>Satyam Signs Two Major IT Contracts with FIFA</p>
<p>International football organisation chooses global consulting and information technology services company to deliver FIFA Extranet, Intranet, and customised Event Management System with Match AG</p>
<p>Sydney, July 31, 2007: Satyam Computer Services, Ltd. (NYSE:SAY), a leading global consulting and information technology services company, announced today that it has signed two multimillion-dollar contracts to support FIFA and its major forthcoming events.</p>
<p>Thanks to the strength of its technical capabilities and flexible approach, Satyam has not only been selected to develop a customised Event Management System for one of the world’s premier sports organisations, but it has also been chosen to build an Extranet and Intranet for FIFA over the next 12 months. Satyam’s partnership will also include full, uninterrupted support for both solutions for FIFA, until the final whistle of each game.</p>
<p>Working primarily from FIFA’s Zurich headquarters, Satyam will provide in-country support for matches. It will also have teams work from offshore locations to enable lower costs and optimised CMM Level 5 quality.</p>
<p>“Clearly, FIFA organises incredibly large-scale, high-profile tournaments. In fact, we host the world’s most widely viewed sporting events, with as many as 28 billion people watching the 2006 Tournament. As such, we cannot afford even a second’s downtime, even during the huge usage spikes throughout games,” said FIFA head of information technology solutions Michael Kelly. “That is why we have chosen the reliability, flexibility, and reusability of Satyam’s applications. This is the start of a long-term relationship that will see Satyam working closely with FIFA over the next few years.”</p>
<p>“We are delighted to have been chosen to deliver such critical applications for FIFA, and are committed to ensuring the success of managing its event logistics and Extranets/Intranet platforms,” said Dr. Keshab Panda, the senior vice president, director, and head of Satyam’s European operations.</p>
<p>About Satyam Computer Services</p>
<p>Satyam (NYSE: SAY), a leading global business and information technology services company, delivers consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing solutions to clients in 20 industries and 57 countries.</p>
<p>Satyam leverages deep industry and functional expertise, leading technology practices, and an advanced, global delivery model to help clients transform their highest-value business processes and improve their business performance. The company’s 42,500* professionals excel in engineering and product development, supply chain management, client relationship management, business process quality, business intelligence, enterprise integration, and infrastructure management, among other key capabilities.</p>
<p>Satyam development and delivery centers in the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Hungary, Egypt, UAE, India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia serve 570* clients, including one-third of the US Fortune 500. For more information, see</p>
<p>*As of June 30, 2007</p>
<p>About FIFA</p>
<p>The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is an association governed by Swiss law, founded in 1904, and based in Zurich. It has 208 member associations and its goal, enshrined in its statutes, is the constant development and improvement of football. FIFA employs some 280 people from more than 30 nations and is composed of a Congress (legislative body), Executive Committee (executive body), General Secretariat (administrative body), and committees (assisting the Executive Committee).</p>
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