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IronPort Appliances Protect Over 50 Million Mailboxes - More Than Any Other Email Security Appliance

  • 28 April, 2004 14:51

<p>IronPort Systems gains momentum in email infrastructure market</p>
Sydney - April 28th, 2004</p>
<p>IronPort Systems, the world's leading email infrastructure products and services company, has announced that after completion of the first quarter of 2004, the company is showing continued growth and remarkable success with Fortune 500 and major ISP customers, worldwide.</p>
<p>Over the last two quarters, IronPort has quadrupled its bookings and has experienced a greater than 90 per cent win rate. In addition, IronPort continues to grow, doubling its workforce in the past 12 months.</p>
<p>"IronPort appliances protect over 50 million mailboxes, more than any other email security appliance on the market," said Scott Weiss, CEO of IronPort. "IronPort appliances have been chosen by the world's largest ISPs and corporations because of high performance, advanced features and ease of use. No other email security appliance has been deployed at even close to such magnitudes."</p>
<p>Standing Out in a Crowded Market
Corporations continue to feel tremendous pain from the risks associated with corporate email threats. IronPort has been able to take a leadership role by providing a superior product at the right time to minimise this pain and help protect email - the most critical business communication tool.</p>
<p>"The issues of spam, viruses and fraud are driving organisations to evaluate their email infrastructure. In this evaluation process, organisations are realising that they can't just deal with spam and viruses; they also need to deal with mail routing, identity, reputation and policy," said Tom Gillis, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at IronPort Systems. "Organisations need a robust appliance that can handle the monumental task of managing, protecting and growing their email infrastructure-and that's exactly what IronPort does."</p>
<p>Do Not Underestimate the Power of the MTA
Unlike other appliance vendors, IronPort appliances are built on IronPort's revolutionary MTA (Message Transfer Agent) platform, built from the ground up on IronPort's unique AsyncOS(TM) operating system for high performance and high security. IronPort's solution addresses all the failings of current email infrastructure, which is on the verge of collapse. All IronPort appliances contain advanced mail delivery features, such as robust queue management, bounce handling and connection management. A single 2U IronPort appliance can replace 10 traditional UNIX servers, diminishing costs and cutting administrative time by 75 per cent.</p>
<p>Industry Analyst Recommends IronPort
In a recent report from Forrester Research, Analyst Jan Sundgren reviewed the antispam marketplace. He writes in the March 2004 report 'Recommended Anti-spam Vendors' that while many solutions have proved inadequate to the task of managing the rising tide of spam, the market is maturing. Winners are emerging. In the report Forrester evaluates software, appliances and services. It notes that IronPort combines Brightmail's solution with its own reputation-based filter, resulting in even better detection while maintaining the extremely low false-positive rate.</p>
<p>According to another major industry analyst, The Yankee Group, corporate resources are consumed processing legitimate and spam email - finding that the productivity costs add up to at least US$4 billion a year. Yankee noted IronPort as a major player in this US$140 million market.</p>
<p>IronPort's Innovative Products and Services
IronPort has created Messaging Gateway(TM) appliances, which reduce the cost and increase the security and capacity of email delivery. The IronPort C-Series products protect groupware and desktop systems from the threat of spam, viruses and content security breaches.</p>
<p>In addition to Messaging Gateway appliances, IronPort has also developed a family of information services including IronPort's Bonded Sender and SenderBase programs that allow the gateways to automatically make intelligent decisions about how to handle incoming or outgoing email.</p>
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<p>Notes for Editors
About IronPort Systems(TM)
IronPort Systems is the leading email infrastructure products and services provider for organisations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000. The company has developed a family of products called Messaging GatewayT appliances that offer breakthrough performance, unprecedented ease of use and reduced total cost of ownership. Additionally, IronPort Information Services, Bonded Sender ( and Senderbase (, help guarantee the delivery of legitimate email and thwart the voluminous threat of unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or spam.
For more information on IronPort products and services, visit:</p>
Michael J. Bosch
IronPort Systems Australia / New Zealand
Mob +61 (0) 417 287 345</p>
<p>Press Contact
Derek Evans
Gotley Nix Evans
Tel +61 (0)2 9957 5555
Mob +61 (0) 410 601 673</p>

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