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Adding monitor serial numbers to the automated SMS hardware inventory

  • 31 July, 2007 11:51

<p>By: Jan Marten</p>
<p>Why add monitor serial numbers?</p>
<p>Most IT-Asset Management Systems use hardware inventory data from SMS or other inventory methods. Unfortunately PC workstation display devices will not be on the list. Instead of simply forgetting about this part of the inventory or letting someone do the running around the business with pencil and paper to manually collect the numbers there is a simple add-on available.</p>
<p>How to get the monitor serial numbers?</p>
<p>TOP TECHNOLOGIES CONSULTING’s 'EDID' is a small and convenient application which may run on any workstation. It is developed based on best practice and is successfully used by large financial services and publishing houses.</p>
<p>To continuously collect the data, EDID can be run from the start-up script or even by using advertisements with Microsoft SMS for punctual retrieval of monitor information.</p>
<p>Due to different industrial standards of serial numbers on display devices the method of storage and encryption on the system varies. EDID is able to handle all these different standards. Furthermore, EDID offers the possibility of writing the necessary files for automatic hardware inventory of Microsoft® Systems Management Server.</p>
<p>• Fast and uncomplicated overview upon all deployed and active plug and play monitors
• Collection of monitor serial numbers into SMS or the Windows registry
• Integration into existing inventory-systems
• No extra data-storage
• Uncomplicated analysis by using standard tools like SMS web-reports</p>
<p>• Microsoft® Windows 2000 Client or Microsoft® Windows XP Professional
• Plug and Play Monitors
• Supports Microsoft® SMS 2.0 or Microsoft® SMS 2003
• Less than 1 MB free Disc Space</p>
<p>TOP TECHNOLOGIES CONSULTING GmbH is represented by Janssen &amp; Janssen Pty Ltd in the Australasia. For more information, please or call 03 9848 4975.</p>
<p>Further information on EDID and other products by TOP TECHNOLOGIES CONSULTING GmbH is available at</p>
<p>Further information:</p>
<p>Factsheet at</p>

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