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Hotspot Global announces key Marina WiFi partnership

  • 06 August, 2003 17:03

<p>Hotspot Global, the world’s first comprehensive WiFi clearinghouse has announced a key partnership to deliver “Broadband for Boats” around Australia.</p>
<p>Brisbane, Australia – 6 August, 2003 – Newly appointed Hotspot Global member have commenced the rollout of WiFi Hotspots covering twenty-five percent of Australia’s marinas. The initial rollout is expected to be completed within six months. The initiative represents a significant improvement in the services available at marinas as well as providing fifty additional city and regional Hotspot locations on Hotspot Global’s worldwide network.</p>
<p>Hotspot Global CEO Mike Whitehouse said, “Anyport’s entry into the WiFi market is indicative of the rapid deployment of WiFi in niche markets. We’re seeing real world uses for Hotspots that make the locations profitable more quickly by solving actual user’s needs.”</p>
<p>Anyport are delivering a number of permanent and roaming WiFi services over wireless infrastructure covering entire marinas and the surrounding precincts, including public access areas. As well as “Broadband for Boats”, Anyport will deliver location specific content including event and weather information.</p>
<p>“When we were approached by Anyport we were immediately excited about their business plans because they had identified the way in which WiFi could resolve an existing market need. We’re supportive of anyone with a sound business case for deploying Hotspots and are happy to enable roaming so the entire ecosystem benefits,” said Mr. Whitehouse.</p>
<p>Anyport's first site was successfully deployed at Queensland Cruising Yacht Club on Brisbane’s northern coastal suburbs and future sites include locations in North Queensland, Gold Coast and Sydney.</p>
<p> Managing Director Michael Fairweather said, “We see Hotspots as a much needed alternative to slow and expensive data services via mobile phones. Hotspots are much more cost effective for users and relatively inexpensive to deploy.”</p>
<p>Anyport’s membership of Hotspot Global means customers can roam between connected marinas as well as other public and private Hotspots.</p>
<p>“The added bonus for us is being able to accept customers from other wireless providers through Hotspot Global’s roaming capabilities”, said Mr. Fairweather.</p>
<p>“Our roaming model is built around providing our members with an enabling solution meeting the key industry needs. Anyport’s appointment and their deployment of new Hotspot locations is undoubtedly a model for the future,” said Mr. Whitehouse.</p>
<p>About Hotspot Global</p>
<p>Hotspot Global is the world’s first clearing-house for wireless Internet networks. It enables the creation of a global network that lets mobile Internet users connect at any Hotspot Global location. No matter who provides the hotspot at that location the user will experience the same look and feel, and exceptional level of service.</p>
<p>The proliferation of WiFi hotspot networks worldwide, provided by Wireless Infrastructure Providers, ISPs and telephony operators, have created the necessity for a global clearing house capability to support roaming across these disparate networks, thereby allowing the industry to achieve critical mass.</p>
<p>Hotspot Global does not operate wireless Internet hotspots and nor does it have its own subscriber base. Its role is to “Enable Seamless Global Roaming for Mobile Internet Users across any Hotspot Global Member Network”. Hotpot Global’s clearinghouse model means that members do not have to engage in, and manage, a multitude of bilateral agreements with other service providers.</p>
The company’s web site is located at For further information please contact Mike Whitehouse, CEO, on +61 7 3032 3032 (Australia).</p>

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