Two mobile security concerns

Two mobile security concerns

1. CONVERGENCE - The mobile device is doing far more than it did before. Gone are the days when users would carry a separate phone and PDA because convergence has seen the functionality of both combined in a single device. Some models also offer GPS, MP3 and even camera or camcorder functionality. Not only is the information stored on these devices a valuable asset, but they are also used to perform financial transactions. Some banks even use mobile phones to secure transactions by sending SMS-based authorization codes. How long will it be before we see Trojans designed to interoperate with a Trojan on a PC to intercept these authorisation codes as they are generated? My guess is not too long.

2. DATA LEAKAGE - Mobile devices are now the chosen email client for many users, particularly senior executives and sales staff. In short, the people with access to information organisations don't want falling into the wrong hands. How do companies control what information is on these devices, what happens to this information and what happens if a device is lost or stolen? With the cost of memory always falling, the amount of information a mobile device can store is growing all the time and accentuating these concerns.

Security vendors have, over the past few years, been developing security clients for mobile devices. These applications are now starting to resemble their cousins - the Internet security client for PCs. Not only is malware a concern but the need for personal firewalls, spam filters and even parental controls exist. All the problems you would expect to see on a PC are now a reality for the mobile device.

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