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Deploying softwarepackages without network access

  • 18 July, 2007 14:00

<p>Inside large IT-environments automatic software installation is inalienable for your system management. Thereby Microsoft SMS provides the perfect base. But by having numerous amounts of mobile devices such as Notebooks, which normally don’t reside inside the company, a substantial software deployment is very hard to implement.</p>
<p>In order to integrate your notebooks optimally into the software deployment processes, which will enhance the success rate of your software deployments, Top Technologies Consulting has developed the SMS Offline Distribution.</p>
<p>By using this tool, which understands itself as an extension to an existing software deployment -especially for notebooks - you are able to maintain your IT-environment at a constant level due to early installation of software patches, updates and hotfixes.</p>
<p>To install software on a notebook, a distribution-CD will be created by using the configuration tool. This distribution-CD contains an encrypted configuration file in which the installation’s user accounts as well as the computer authorization policies for the software are stored. In addition you may provide individual schedule data for each software package to specify when it is possible to install the package. Therefore due to these policies the administrator has the ability to centrally define who and at which time is allowed to install software.</p>
<p>The handling of the distribution-CD is straight forward. Everything the user needs to do is to insert the CD and to choose which packages have to be installed. Packages defined as mandatory by the administrator can no longer be deselected by the user, presuming the user resides inside the validity period. All that’s left to do for the user is to hit “Install“ which starts the installation progress, running automatically in the background.</p>
<p>If a connection to the SMS Server is established, information about the installation date and the user can be transmitted into your system management so that you have a broad overview of the installed software.</p>
<p>TOP TECHNOLOGIES CONSULTING GmbH is represented by Janssen &amp; Janssen Pty Ltd in the Australasia. For more information, please or call 03 9848 4975.</p>
<p>Further information on the SMS Offline Distribution and other products by TOP TECHNOLOGIES CONSULTING GmbH is available at</p>

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