Exinda drops NetWorld for TechPlus

Exinda drops NetWorld for TechPlus

TechPlus becomes exclusive local distributor for Exinda's WAN optimisation and network acceleration range

Application management vendor, Exinda Networks, has dumped NetWorld Systems to work exclusively with TechPlus Distribution.

Exinda Networks vice-president of worldwide sales, Jim Christie, said it had been working with both distributors prior to the decision.

"What we've determined in a number of our markets is to develop a channel and partners around a single distributor," he said. "This is generally a smaller distributor with a well-defined product set who can really put some focus and energy behind it."

Christie said he enjoyed working with NetWorld, but as the vendor had held a relationship with TechPlus since 2003, it had stayed with them.

"In distribution one plus one doesn't always equal two - it can sometimes equal 0.8," he said. "You end up having different prices and partners wondering who they can buy it from and it just causes confusion in the channel."

TechPlus managing director, Paul Kern, was excited to be Exinda's sole distributor in Australia. He said it had stopped distributing a competing product in order to take on exclusive rights to the Exinda range. He declined to name the brand.

"Exinda has increasingly moved into the WAN acceleration space, and the more it did so it just made no sense to have two products in that space," he said. "The other vendor's product isn't as sellable and we were increasingly butting heads with them and finding them hard to deal with."

NetWorld Systems CEO, Scott Frew, said it was now on the lookout for a replacement vendor. He blamed being dumped on the installation of a Blue Coat WAN optimisation solution on the distributor's back-end.

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