After Hours: Tripoint chief operating officer Mark Jobbins

After Hours: Tripoint chief operating officer Mark Jobbins

ARN interviews Tripoint chief operating officer Mark Jobbins

MY FAVOURITE BOOK OR MOVIE ...this is probably the hardest question given the sheer amount on offer, but the book, Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts is an inspirational journey through unfathomable hardships to inner peace. Having said that, I'm a huge fan of the Guy Ritchie movies Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch for pure entertainment with some clever twists.
IF I COULD GO ANYWHERE ... being an avid Scuba cave diver, I would love to spend an extended period of time exploring the Cenotes on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico or the caves of Florida.
IF I WASN'T DOING THIS JOB ... Having an engineering background and a love of trivial information, it couldn't get any better than being part of the Mythbusters team.
THE PERSON I MOST ADMIRE ... is Steve Waugh for his ability to lead by example and his uncompromising quest for excellence in himself and his team - both great attributes.
I REALLY HATE ... hypocrites. People should lead by example.

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