Tokyo Edge: June's Coolest Gadgets

Tokyo Edge: June's Coolest Gadgets

Toshiba Dynabook SS RX1

It may not look very special at first glance, but pick up the Dynabook SS RX1 (called the Portege R500 in some markets) and you'll immediately realise why it's one of the coolest things this month. This 12.1-inch screen laptop weighs just 768 grams in its lightest confi guration - more than 100 grams lighter than Sony's Vaio G laptop. At the computer's heart lies a 1.06GHz Intel Core2 Duo processor and a notable feature, on some overseas models only, is 802.11n Wi-Fi. Toshiba has put a lot of work into smart design so that it's thin and light. The laptop has also shed a few grams thanks to the use of a 64GB solid-state disk (SSD) in place of a conventional hard-disk drive.

RRP: $US1846
Web: (Japanese

Sanyo Waterproof Xacti

Sanyo has launched a waterproof version of its Xacti digital video camera. The DMX-CA65 can be fully submerged to a depth of 1.5m and still keep on recording. That's significantly better than a model launched last year that was able to withstand splashes of water but not a dunking. The new Xacti retains the distinctive design of the series and packs a 6 megapixel image sensor. It records images and video (MPEG4 AVC/H.264) only onto an SD memory card. Recording time varies on the mode and capacity of the card being used. In the case of a 4GB card it's between 2hr and 45min and 64hr and 53min. Plans for overseas sales were not immediately available.
RRP: $US493
Web: (Japanese)

Casio Exilim Phone

As mobile phones get more complex, their makers are increasingly using brand names from other products to emphasise the phone's capabilities. For example, there are Walkman phones from Sony Ericsson, Aquos TV phones from Sharp and on the market this month is a new model of Exilim camera phone from Casio. The Exilim W53CA features a 5.1 megapixel camera with auto focus and shake reduction, a 28mm wide angle lens and 2.8-inch screen. These features are meant to make it a real double-duty handset, just as good for taking pictures as a regular digital still camera. It's on sale in Japan only through KDDI.
RRP: Price differs based on contract length.
Web: (Japanese)

Toshiba HD DVD DVR

What a difference a year makes! Toshiba has announced the first update to its HD DVD and hard-disk drive combo video recorder. The new RD-A600 and RD-A300 machines are half the size and weight of the original RD-A1 and much cheaper. The two are differentiated by the capacity of the hard-disk drive: 600GB and 300GB, respectively. Features available on both recorders include the ability to stream HDTV across an in-home network using the DTCP-IP content protection system to compatible equipment; the ability to record two HD channels at once; upscaling of DVDs to HD TVs and high-speed transfer of HD content between Toshiba recorders via an IEEE1394 link. Overseas launch details were not announced.
RRP: $US1645 (A600)
Web: (Japanese)

Fujitsu Ultra Portable PC

The FMV-U8240 machine is available in three versions, all based on the Intel "Stealey" microprocessor running at 800MHz and with a 20GB hard-disk drive. First impressions are of a small, lightweight machine that should be able to handle most demands of its target users but which is missing a few features, such as Bluetooth or a second shift key, that might cause a hassle for some. The computer will launch worldwide from July.
RRP: $US1197

LG Prada phone with TV

LG Electronics has added digital TV reception to its stylish Prada handset on models being sold in South Korea. The phone, which went on sale earlier this year in Europe, immediately drew comparisons to Apple's iPhone because it too has a touch screen display that takes up most of the front panel. The higher spec version for LG's domestic market provides some indication that while design may help selling products, without the increasingly popular TV function consumers could give the handset a cool response.
RRP: Prices depend on operator discounts.

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