Seagate, Samsung unveil 1TB hard disk drives

Seagate, Samsung unveil 1TB hard disk drives

Two months to the day after Hitachi Global Storage Technologies brazenly declared that it had met its goal of shipping a 1TB hard disk drive, competitor Seagate has unveiled its own corporate and consumer 1TB models.

Volume shipments of Seagate's Barracuda ES.2 and Barracuda 7200.11 devices will begin in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics brought out its 1TB hard-drive line - the SpinPoint F1 Series Serial ATA hard drive - last week. A spokesperson for Western Digital, the fourth of four major hard drive makers, declined to say when the vendor planned to introduce a 1TB hard drive.

The industry has seen hard drive capacity grow by 55 times compared with the 15GB limit of 10 years ago.

Seagate's Barracuda 7200.11 and Barracuda ES.2 feature 7200rpm spin speeds, up to 32MB cache, average seek times of 8.5 milliseconds, and a 1.2-hour mean time before failure (MBTF) rating, according to Seagate officials.

Offered at a price of $US399 and designed for corporate storage environments, the 1TB four-disk Barracuda ES.2 is equipped with a Serial Attached SCSI interface option to complement existing SATA functionality.

The new device also featured a new Rotational Vibration Feed Forward capability to maximise performance in densely packed multi-drive systems, a 20 per cent reduction in overall drive performance, safeguards for downloading code during power failures, and a bridge code for download protection to prevent unauthorised firmware downloads, Seagate officials said.

Optimised for RAID applications, Samsung's 1TB F1 Series drives offers a SATA 3GBps interface, 334GB-per-platter capacity, 7200rpm spin speeds, up to 32MB cache and an MTBF rating of up to 1.2 hours.

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