NetOpt sees opportunity in free video chat

NetOpt sees opportunity in free video chat

SightSpeed has all eyes on Australia as it launches its free video chat service

Queensland distributor, NetOpt, has partnered with video chat company, SightSpeed, to provide its service across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific rim.

SightSpeed is a cross-platform video and voice calling service that competes with Skype. The company started operations in the US in 2003 and launched in Australia this week.

Under the terms of the deal, NetOpt will be the public face of the company and will operate as SightSpeed Australia.

"It is a venture that both parties took seriously and we had intensive discussions on business models and partnering options," manager for SightSpeed Australia and NetOpt, Rick Nand, said.

SightSpeed Australia will be responsible for sales and marketing of the product locally.

"We will also be providing input into future developments to incorporate any country specific requirements," Nand said.

To set up the business, SightSpeed Australia has deployed servers in Australia to serve local customers.

"This ensures that we are not reliant on US-based servers or International trunks," Nand said.

The vendor's latest product release, SightSpeed 6.0, lets users record brief video clips that they can send as messages or embed in blogs or other Web pages.

SightSpeed's personal service is free. Its business-grade service starts from $7.95 per month for a single seat and allows for multi-party video conferencing and access to technical support. Nand said the company would shortly release a business-only package with multiple seat licenses.

Nand said the service has been tested on 64Kbps connections but recommended it be used on 128Kbps and above. High-definition video conferencing for users who have 1.5Mbps connections is also supported.

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