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SunSystems launches powerful analytics solution for hospitality companies

  • 13 July, 2004 14:50

<p>SunSystems has launched Hospitality Performance Management (HPM) – the first truly integrated, front-and-back office, analytics solution for the hospitality industry – bringing the capability to deliver planning and reporting functionality from just one application.</p>
<p>SunSystems HPM automates the budgeting and planning operations of any hospitality company by combining the financial planning process with other relevant data sources. It uses advanced Revenue Yield Management statistical modeling and its flexibility ensures it can openly access any and all systems within a hospitality business – such as ERP, CRM, GRO, PMS, POS and reservation management systems1. Finance teams can derive prompt cost and productivity benefits from its ability to centralize control of all budgeting and planning cycles.</p>
<p>“The ability to turn data into meaningful information by integrating the front and back office functions of any organisation is ultimately what provides a real competitive edge,” said Bill Bryce, Managing Director Systems Union Australia. “HPM is the first analytic solution for the hospitality industry that meets these specific needs – but we are also deploying analytics solutions in a range of other industries in Australia that are demanding rock solid integration.”</p>
<p>Despite the hospitality industry’s focus on customer care and meeting the needs of its guests, it remains commonplace for data captured to remain unanalyzed or not used for modeling future demand. For example, at check-in, information is gathered on gender, age, frequency of stays (through a loyalty card), nationality, visitors by region (based on home address), and much more on each guest. SunSystems HPM can interrogate this information, identifying trends and allowing ‘what if’ scenarios. As a result, hotels can produce strategies and forecasts, which significantly enhance their planning processes.</p>
<p>Hilton International Americas is the first company to initiate deployment of the product across all 27 of its hotels in the Americas where it also uses, or has plans to use, SunSystems financial management software solutions. The company selected SunSystems HPM based on the product’s flexibility and ability to be deployed and operated according to the hotel chain’s existing policies and procedures.</p>
<p>Eric Hertha, financial controller, Americas at Hilton International, said: “SunSystems has built a hospitality-specific solution that will empower our finance department to ‘mine’ business data easily and efficiently. As a result, we will improve our ability to budget and forecast from a finance perspective. Other benefits of SunSystems HPM include a more efficient reporting environment and access to greater detail, which in turn helps our executives make more informed business decisions. We’re happy with the quantifiable business benefits derived from our SunSystems financial applications standardization, and this performance management tool will add a new dimension to what our finance team can do.”</p>
<p>Hilton International Americas, like so many similar organizations, works with more labor-intensive budgeting processes that rely heavily on manual procedures. Often, these processes are viewed as less efficient and very time-consuming. Moreover, finance teams find inputting errors to be unavoidable in these scenarios – especially errors related to various currency exchanges and languages. Hilton International Americas believes its deployment of SunSystems HPM will eliminate such problems. SunSystems HPM will completely automate and centralize data management for the budgeting process, eliminating opportunities for error, improving the ability to monitor the planning process, and dramatically accelerating budgeting procedures. Hilton also expects to realize significant cost reductions and productivity enhancements from its deployment. Reporting and forecasting accuracy will also improve.</p>
<p>Andrew Turton, global solutions director for hospitality at SunSystems, commented: “The hospitality industry has been aware of the need to integrate systems across the front and back end for years. However, existing analytics and business intelligence tools are limited to certain front office applications – which limit their effectiveness. Many industry experts believe that the first hotel chains to address complete integration will be hospitality market leaders for the next decade. SunSystems HPM is a primary example of how truly integrated analytics tools can advance the business planning and forecasting needs of today’s hotel chains. HPM is the first truly integrated enterprise analytics solution that accesses all systems and applications, provides real-time updates of data when requested and completely automates the budgeting process.”</p>
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<p>Pru Quinlan Einsteinz Communications on behalf of Systems Union Group 0405 100 585</p>
<p>Note to editors:</p>
<p>Foot note 1
ERP = enterprise resource planning
CRM = customer relationship management
GRO = guest relationship optimization
PMS = property management system
POS = point of sales</p>
<p>About SunSystems
SunSystems is a key product range of the Systems Union Group plc, which is quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. The company is one of the largest business software houses in the world, with 45 offices and channel partners in 73 countries serving customer sites around the globe.</p>
<p>Products within the SunSystems range are available in 30 languages with over 18,000 customer sites in some 194 countries. The software solutions are used extensively by multinationals, whose offices worldwide require an international product with global support infrastructure.</p>
<p>Customers include 45 of the 50 largest corporations in the world, 75 of the FTSE100, one quarter of the Fortune 500, and leading hospitality names such as Hilton International, Four Seasons Hotels, Starwood/ Sheraton and Ritz-Carlton.</p>
<p>Systems Union is certified under the 2000 version of the ISO9001 and TickIT standards. This independent certification provides customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders with assurance that the company has a mature and systematic approach to the delivery of its objectives.</p>

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