What's New: <i>ARN</i> looks at the latest storage products for the week commencing June 6.

What's New: <i>ARN</i> looks at the latest storage products for the week commencing June 6.

ARN looks at the latest storage products for the week commencing June 6.

Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V

The Universal Storage Platform V (USP V) offers the market an enterprise-class thin provisioning solution. It features advanced new software capable of managing a pool of virtualised storage capacity up to 247 petabytes. The software effectively removes all capacity constraints for global companies centralising storage and processing within a single geographic area. Hitachi has also developed new technology to create large logical storage pools, enabling hundreds of disk drives to operate on a single input/output (I/O) request simultaneously. This delivers substantial performance benefits to critical business applications. The USP V assimilates all heterogeneous storage systems and presents them as a unified, harmonious whole that can be thinly provisioned and finely partitioned as opposed to existing monolithic, isolated, power-hungry entities.
Distributed by Hitachi.
RRP: Price on application

NetApp V3000 series

The V3000 series is NetApp's midrange heterogeneous storage virtualization solution for enterprise applications. The systems deliver capabilities for both business and technical applications across SAN and NAS environments. Four models are available: V3020, V3040, V3050, and V3070. High scalability V3000 systems provide over 250TB of capacity, giving users a single architecture and management interface for heterogeneous storage arrays. The V3070 scales to a maximum of 504 LUNs. Data can be stored in either file or block format. Supported protocols include FC, NFS, CIFS, HTTP, and iSCSI. The Data ONTAP 7G operating system includes two standard features, FlexVol and Flex-Share, which improve the effectiveness of consolidation. FlexVol creates volumes that can be readily expanded or contracted while reducing the need for spare capacity. It also helps consolidate disparate workloads by ensuring that critical workloads get fast response.
Distributed by Avnet.
RRP: from $107,500 (depending on configuration)

EMC Avamar 3.7

This software enables fast, efficient and reliable data protection by reducing the size of backup data at the source before it is transferred across the network. It identifies redundant sub-file data segments within and across servers, desktops, notebooks, and offices worldwide. Avamar's patented data de-duplication technology ensures backup data segments are stored only once globally. This effectively reduces the amount of data moved and stored daily by up to 300x while enabling daily full backups and rapid restores. Companies can utilise existing LAN/WAN bandwidth to protect critical data at even the most remote offi ces. For smaller branch offices, Avamar software agents can be deployed on the systems to be protected. This allows data to be backed up directly over existing WAN connections to a central Avamar server at the datacentre. To protect larger remote offices and datacentres, data can be backed up to a local Avamar server and then replicated to another server located at the datacentre or remote site.
Distributed by LAN Systems.
RRP: from $40,000

EqualLogic PS Series

EqualLogic has expanded the software features included in its PS Series storage arrays. A key new function, thin provisioning, extends the value of its architecture by improving utilisation and scalability while helping IT organisations reduce their total storage costs, according to leading IT analysts. Thin provisioning extends the company's existing peer provisioning features that automate the key functions needed to configure, manage and scale storage. This further cuts administration times for volume and capacity growth and makes the PS Series buy-as-you-grow storage model more seamless for servers and applications. The thin provisioning capability provides extensive flexibility and user safety controls. These include the ability to turn thin provisioning on and off as needed for any volume. The PS Series includes proactive, user-defined threshold alarms and controls on automatic space allocation that minimise the possibility of a "run" on storage that could fill capacity of a thinly provisioned SAN.
Distributed by ACA Pacific, Sententia and Enstor.
RRP: Storage arrays cost between $50,000 to $100,000 depending on type.

HP StorageWorks 200 Storage Virtualisation System (SVS200)

The virtualisation technology incorporated into the SVS200 simplifies data migration, volume management, and data replication in SAN environments. It supports up to 16 petabytes of external storage, which can be managed from one screen. The SVS200 allows users to migrate and move around data for array decommissioning, repurposing, upgrading, maintenance, and datacentre moves. It also simplifies management of virtual volumes by dynamically reallocating capacity and pooling volumes into a single storage pool which provides increased capacity utilisation. Another capability is local and remote data replication for data distribution, data mining, and disaster recovery solutions. All components are redundant and hot-swappable, including processors, I/O interfaces, power supplies, batteries, and fans. Non-disruptive online upgrades allow capacity and features to be added without ever requiring a power down.
Distributed by Avnet, Lynx Technologies and Ingram Micro.
RRP: from $679,557

Quantum DXi-Series

These disk backup and replication appliances use Quantum's data de-duplication technology to expand the amount of backup data users can retain on fast-recovery RAID systems by up to 50 times. The result is a cost-effective way for IT departments to store backup data on disk for months instead of days, providing high-speed access, reliable restores, increasing available data recovery points, and reducing media management. For disaster recovery in distributed environments, the DXi-Series appliances make automated, WAN replication practical by dramatically reducing the bandwidth required to move backup data securely between sites. Data de-duplication technology also allows Quantum's appliances to provide WAN-based remote replication of backup data as a practical tool for disaster recovery between distributed sites such as datacentres and regional offices. The appliances can be easily installed and managed in a wide range of IT environments.
Distributed by ACA Pacific and Express Data.
RRP: from $31,000

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