After Hours: Fortunetec managing director, Justin Hsu

After Hours: Fortunetec managing director, Justin Hsu

ARN interviews Fortunetec managing director, Justin Hsu.

MY FAVOURITE BOOK OR MOVIE the classic Chinese novel Three Kingdoms. It's about historical events that took place in China over 1500 years ago. It tells the story of a war between three fragmented kingdoms who were trying to unify one nation. It's a touching story filled with heroic scenes among warriors and their masters.

IF I COULD GO ANYWHERE...I will definitely go to Rome or China. These two great places have an ancient history and heritage which I respect.

IF I WASN'T DOING THIS JOB...I would probably be a garden landscaper. I love natural wood and rock formations matched with various plants. I'd love to create a tranquil world with water scenes and happy birds singing in peoples' backyards.

THE PERSON I MOST anyone who has experienced real success in the IT industry, especially in R&D or manufacturing. We're in such a highly versatile and challenging industry: I can image how hard they have to work to create new technology that amazes the world.

I REALLY HATE...I normally try to throw away my frustrations after work. However, I do hate to see a "masterpiece" you or someone else has created wrecked by carelessness. I also dislike buying things that don't work as they claim to.

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