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Raritan Helps Secure Data Centres and Branch Offices, While Improving Remote IT Management

  • 18 June, 2007 11:06

<p><i>Dominion SX secure console server appliance discourages hackers, while providing remote sites with authorised secure access to improve productivity</i></p>
<p>Raritan today unveiled its next-generation Dominion® SX secure console server appliance that fortifies data centres and branch offices against security threats,. The Dominion® SX 3.1 provides additional layers of protection and new productivity tools for managing IT equipment remotely.</p>
<p>This Raritan out-of-band remote management solution is designed to complement customers’ existing IT infrastructures, including firewalls and VPNs. It establishes layers of deterrents to block unauthorised access and is a more secure alternative than the in-band troubleshooting tools based on Telnet and SSH services that are used in many branch offices today.</p>
<p>“When a Dominion SX is added to a branch office, layers of protection are immediately added to a customer’s security plan,” said Nicolas Nguyen, Director of ROBO/Serial Marketing at Raritan. “As attackers attempt to break through a layer, they will encounter another layer of protection.”</p>
<p>Gary Hull, Director of Sales, Australia and New Zealand said, “Local organisations in the Australian and New Zealand marketplaces tend to have a greater number of remote or branch offices when compared to similar-sized organisations in other markets. This unique trait represents a real-world challenge, and this explains strong local sales of the Dominion SX product range.”</p>
<p>“The launch of Dominion SX 3.1 is exciting news for both local customers and channel partners who stand to benefit from the enhanced security features that come at no additional cost over previous releases. Raritan is continuing its commitment to being the first to develop and offer the most advanced remote access and infrastructure management technologies to the Australian and New Zealand markets,” added Hull.</p>
<p>The Dominion SX is based on security best practices such as the guidelines outlined in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard, It hides from hackers’ points of entry into remote sites, provides a sophisticated password and authentication architecture, encrypts data, monitors for cases of invalid login and password attempts – from inside and outside the firewall – and sends out alerts.</p>
<p><b>Dominion SX Security Features – Layer by Layer</b><br/>
The Dominion SX’s out-of-band access network is a great deterrent to hackers attempting to discover entry points – specifically, the IP addresses of network elements. In contrast, in-band access methods are more vulnerable to ping sweeps because they use the same transport path of the network device to maintain the device. Raritan’s solution also enables IT administrators to change the TCP port address of target devices in order to hide target devices in a different subnet, and provides pre- and post-routing and Static NAT (SNAT) support.</p>
<p>A number of secure console server firsts were added to the Dominion SX. These include Strong Password Access – which allows administrators to define the length of passwords, and the use of special characters, numbers and case sensitivity – and Password Lockout, which locks out a potential intruder after a pre-defined number of failed login attempts.</p>
<p>The Dominion SX’s group administration and permission capabilities help administrators ensure that the right person or group has access to the right target devices. It also prevents the use of one password to access all devices, which is a common security problem with in-band solutions. If an intruder successfully logs into the Dominion SX, he or she will be forced to find the correct password for each connected device. The Dominion SX also has a Security Login Banner feature that requires a user to accept security terms before given access to key areas.</p>
<p>The Dominion SX’s Secure Audit Trail captures and logs every keystroke, so that in the event of a breach unauthorised changes can be undone. Raritan’s solution also encrypts all keystrokes, log files and database information. The new product release improves SMTP notifications, by making persistent attempts to deliver notifications. These alerts can go to SYSLOG or an SNMP collector or to specified e-mail addresses for immediate notification.</p>
<p>“The Dominion SX is designed for managing IT environments where security, high availability and costs are top concerns,” said Jamie Johnson, Director Midwest Operations at Deltaware Inc. “The costs of unauthorised entry to server racks are high. It can affect revenue as result of downtime, employee productivity loss due an outage, and costs related to repairing systems after a malicious code has damaged the system. It also has an impact on customer goodwill.”</p>
<p><b>Pricing and Availability</b><br/>
The Dominion SX 3.1 is available today through Raritan’s extensive reseller channel and distributors. To meet the requirements of diverse IT environments, the Dominion SX product line has more than 20 models, ranging from four- to 48-ports (the industry’s highest port density in a 1U model). Models have a number of options, including dual LAN with automatic failover, dual AC feeds and a built-in emergency access modem. Prices start at RRP $1183 including GST. For more information, please visit <a href=""></a></p>
<p><b>About Dominion SX</b><br/>
By providing secure, always-available remote access to IT equipment through a secure Java or SSHV2 (Secure Shell) client, the Dominion SX reduces mean-time-to-repair and costs, and eliminates physical entry into server rooms enabling a secure lights-out environment.</p>
<p>Even if the network is down or a router’s operating system crashes, the Dominion SX provides access, through its out-of-band network, to connected serial devices, including servers, switches, routers, PBXs, headless servers, network devices and environmental control devices. Should a device hang, administrators can cycle the power on individual devices using the Dominion SX and Raritan’s Remote Power Strips. The Dominion SX 3.1’s Raritan Serial Console (RSC) Java-based application supports Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.</p>
<p><b>About Raritan</b> <a href="( ">( </a><br/>
Raritan, based in Somerset, N.J., is a leading provider of management solutions that simplify IT operations. Based on KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switches, serial console servers, management software, power management and remote connectivity, our secure solutions drive data centre and branch office efficiency and productivity in more than 50,000 locations around the world. Raritan also serves the OEM market by developing advanced, hardware-based, remote-management components based on KVM-over-IP and IPMI technologies. Founded in 1985, Raritan today has 38 offices worldwide, and its products are distributed in 76 countries.</p>
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