AEEMA consolidates under Ai Group umbrella

AEEMA consolidates under Ai Group umbrella

New high tech group has 1,000 members

The Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers ' Association is merging with the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) with consolidation plans earmarked for completion by November, 2007.

The operations of AEEMA members will be consolidated within the Ai Group, according to a joint statement released today by Ai Group president, Trevor Carroll and AEEMA president, Ken Bridges.

A key outcome of the consolidation will be to create a substantial national grouping of both large and small technology driven companies in the electrical manufacturing, electronics, and ICT industries.

The statement said: "The move will deliver enhanced and more effective services to companies who are currently joint members of Ai Group and AEEMA as well as to those AEEMA companies who would come into Ai Group for the first time."

AEEMA currently has some 300 members in the electrical manufacturing, electronics and ICT sectors and around a third of these companies are also Ai Group members.

Following a period of consultation, confirmation will be formally sought from AEEMA's membership at the October AGM, with the objective of completing the consolidation process by the end of November.

Carroll and Bridges said consolidation would strengthen shared capabilities such as: public advocacy and representation; business networks and business deveelopment; and specialised technical and business services.

"Within the cross sectoral umbrella grouping of Ai Group member companies, the new organisation will include a core high technology group of some 1,000 members," Carroll said.

"An enhanced ICT Australia grouping will provide substantial leadership to the further development of Australia's information and communication technology (ICT) industry, with a particular focus on growing Australia's digital suppliers industry."

Bridges said AEEMA has provided administrative support for the National ICT Industry Alliance (NICTIA) since its inception over six years ago.

"Ai Group has committed to continue and nurture the collaborative operating culture and operational mode of NICTIA, and to assist NICTIA in working cooperatively with governments at all levels to realise the aspirations of the recently launched 10 year vision statements," he said.

AEEMA's retiring chief executive, Angus Robinson, will work over the next 12 months with the Ai Group chief executive, Heather Ridout, to ensure that the consolidation arrangements are finalised and current commitments to the Electronics Industry Action Agenda are completed, and to oversee the consolidation of the ICT Australia grouping.

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