Blade Servers

Blade Servers

Blade Servers

Regional market lagging behind global adoption

Blade adoption varies from region to region but about 10 per cent of all Wintel servers globally are now blade. Last year there were about 8.5 million servers shipped, of which about 850,000 were blades. In Asia-Pacific the proportion of blades is down to about 4 per cent. Gartner is certainly seeing much greater uptake in the US and Europe. However, the growth is quite good in Asia-Pacific and in the next five years, Japan aside, it is expected to be the fastest growing region in the world albeit from a pretty low base. By 2011, something like 20-22 per cent of all Wintel servers globally will be blades although again this figure will not be as high in Asia-Pacific. In this region it will be 12-15 per cent. This is a bit surprising because countries like China and India would be expected to really grab hold of it this technology but they haven't at the moment. - Phil Sargeant, Gartner

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