IBM ISS announces its speediest IPS model

IBM ISS announces its speediest IPS model

New high-speed intrusion-prevention system has a top throughput of 15Gbps

IBM's Internet Security System division has announced its highest-speed intrusion-prevention system, with a top throughput of 15Gbps.

Greg Adams, business line manager for network solutions at ISS, is quick to point out the Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System GX6116 is, however, limited to about 6Gbps in terms of scanning traffic to block malicious attacks or malware.

"The customer has control over the latency," Adams says.

The GX6116, which protects across eight network segments, is intended for use in the network core of large enterprises or carriers and with high-performance applications such as Internet telephony.

Although the use of IPS over the years started with protection at the Internet access edge, ISS says the trend has been to deploy IPS deeper inside the network, where speeds are often significantly higher.

The reason is because of the insider threat, whether malicious or accidental, says Adams. "Someone brings in a virus or maliciously establishes an encrypted tunnel from a crucial server to the outside. The perimeter is shrinking."

The Proventia GX6116 is scheduled for delivery by the end of the second quarter and will cost US$188,995. As part of that price, IBM will include a set-up assistance team and a week of professional services to address security and configuration.

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