After Hours: interview with Brightpoint general manager Felix Wong

After Hours: interview with Brightpoint general manager Felix Wong

MY FAVOURITE BOOK OR MOVIE ... actually neither - I'm a listener! I love music. My favourite piece is Paganini's Violin Concerto No 1. Legend says Paganini traded his soul with the devil to be able to play the violin the way he could. Consequently, his compositions were extremely technically difficult. When played well it blows your mind!

IF I COULD GO ANYWHERE ...I would love to visit Mount Everest and be on top of the world -but it definitely won't be a relocation.

IF I WASN'T DOING THIS JOB ...I'd be looking to create a new start-up centred on green/renewable energy.

THE PERSON I MOST ADMIRE Confucius. He was an extremely wise, yet humble political and moral philosopher whose teachings continue to bring wisdom and understanding to the world today.

I REALLY HATE ...people who carelessly open their car doors in shopping centres and leave dents on other people's cars!

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