The Tarps rock out in '80s style

The Tarps rock out in '80s style

Born out of the frustration and urge to become rock stars, covers band, The Tarps, features five 40-something wannabes stuck in the IT industry that love nothing better than banging out a few good tunes.

Starring Intel's Philip Cronin as the front man, Symantec's John Donovan on vocals and guitar, and Bravura Software Solutions, Enda Mahoney, as the bass player, the guys claim they're giving Westlife a run for their money.

The band recently played at the Attic in Balmain in front of a 200-strong crowd.

Concert goers can expect to hear '80s indie rock melodies by The Clash, The Police, U2 as well as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Cronin said the band's favourite song was Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand.

The Tarps jam together once week in a studio and also write their own tunes. Cronin prides himself and Donovan on being the Lennon and McCartney of the IT industry. He said they decided to form a band as a hobby after turning 40.

"We missed out on being rock stars in our early 20s," Cronin said. "I'm one of 13 children and I've spent my entire childhood performing and seeking attention." The Tarps hope to have an album out by December and will consider performing more gigs in September. "We are kicking off a tour at Splendor in the Grass at Byron Bay in August. We haven't been asked to play yet but we are going anyway," Cronin said. "Given the pressure and demand from work, we don't get as many band outings as we would like to."

Like every rock band, Cronin said The Tarps members had their artistic and creative differences.

"As for tension for any band, you only have to look at the bass guitarist: Bono has Adam Clayton and we have Enda," he said. "There are pie fights at the studio and the occasional artistic temper tantrum - usually me. We have been known to unplug the rhythm guitarist.

"I don't think U2 has anything to fear from us, but maybe Westlife does."

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