Access Providers gets Clever name change

Access Providers gets Clever name change

Wireless carrier pulls together its subsidiaries, Saise Telecom and Activ Australia, under the one brand

Wireless broadband operator, Access Providers, has brought together its operations with acquired business units, Saise Telecom and Activ Australia, under the new Clever Communications Australia brand.

General manager of products and marketing, John Norcic, said the rebranding was undertaken to streamline each business units' operations and services while removing the ambiguity that clouded overlapping services.

Since its acquisition of Saise Telecom in September 2005, and Activ Australia last October, both companies have been acting as independent arms of Access Providers' business. However, because Access Providers' traditional carrier-oriented wholesale business contrasted with Saise's retail direct-to-market business and Activ's consultation service, customers were often confused when dealing with the differing arms, Norcic said.

"The new brand has enabled us to remove any potential silos within the business and allowed each individual organisation to come together under a uniformed blanket. People now perceive us as a single business unit with a goal driving forward," he said.

While consolidation meant some products had gone "sunset", Norcic said the vast majority would remain intact.

Although Noric said Clever would be "sunsetting" some of the naming conventions surrounding the duplication of shared products between the legacy businesses, none of the company's current portfolio of products will be discontinued.

"If anything, we will be looking at expanding our product base to include sophisticated bundles, such as data and VoIP, as well as convergent product strategies to drive a solution focus for customers and partners," he said.

"Our main focus is to really solidify the business from a provisioning point of view. Pre-existing as well as new channel partners will be all brought under the one blanket where we will now provide them with a one-stop-shop, simplistic approach."

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