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Synetek Partners with Spheritec to Provide Better Email Service

  • 29 May, 2007 09:20

<p>Synetek Systems today formally announced a partnership with leading eBusiness solutions provider, Spheritec Limited, to market its active email archiving service MailRevive™ throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Currently Australia’s only active email archiving SaaS solution, MailRevive™ provides businesses with premium email archiving and the unique ability to instantly find and recover current, old and even deleted email back to the network or PC.</p>
<p>“Our partnership with Spheritec in Australia and New Zealand is a significant move for Synetek. As a leading eBusiness solutions provider in these markets Spheritec provides a direct market opportunity to develop and grow the MailRevive™ customer base in these markets”, said Co-Founder and Director of Sales &amp; Marketing, Lee Trevena.</p>
<p>“With extensive market research, Spheritec identified MailRevive™ as the best addition to our existing eBusiness product suite in security and privacy for business. As a SaaS application, MailRevive™ is the simplest and most effective solution in the market,” said Spheritec Managing Director, David Glavonjic.</p>
<p>The effective management and preservation of email transmissions is the single largest IT issue facing most businesses. As email usage has proliferated over the past decade it has now overtaken all other forms of communication to be the primary business tool.</p>
<p>Although a convenient method of communication email is fast becoming the greatest ‘at-risk’ technology within a business. Legislation in Europe, the United States and most recently in Australia requires businesses to protect an email just as importantly as any counter-signed contract.</p>
<p>MailRevive™ was born out of the growing commercial and legal importance of email business and significant issues it creates for both the company and its employees – ensuring email is backed-up and secure; being able to quickly recover old, lost or deleted email; maintaining email access anytime anywhere; eliminating spam and virus; and reducing mailbox storage demands.</p>
<p>Synetek Co-Founder, Jason Polites explains, “Existing internal solutions for storing email are not robust enough for today’s business, as they are manually performed, have a limited life-span, are software dependant and are too expensive and cumbersome to manage for most businesses. MailRevive™ fully automates these processes, provides virtually unlimited storage and allows the recovery of old, lost and even deleted email back to your PC within seconds.”</p>
<p>Synetek Systems is an Australian ICT company specialising in the development of on-demand business applications for the global SME market. Through the development of online application services which create "Simple Intelligence", our customers can be more strategic, better protected and fully empowered.</p>
<p>Spheritec is an Australian owned and operated company focused on delivering the right solution to businesses looking to gain an advantage and compete in the eBusiness world. Spheritec addresses security, privacy, integration and cost savings in applying eBusiness to every business. In building our product offering, Spheritec aims to provide their customers with all the tools to operate with maximum productivity, accountability and knowledge management.</p>

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