Incipient debuts Cisco-based data migration feature

Incipient debuts Cisco-based data migration feature

Network Storage Platform supports the migration of data from one storage platform, volume or tier of storage to another

Incipient Networks on Wednesday announced it has enhanced its storage virtualization software to support data migration and non-disruptive software upgrades.

Incipient's Network Storage Platform (iNSP) software suite, which runs on a Cisco MDS 9000 Storage Services Module, can now support the migration of data from one storage platform, volume or tier of storage to another. The company also added the ability to non-disruptively perform software upgrades.

With these enhancements, storage administrators can plan for data migrations and iNSP software upgrades that will not disrupt their storage operations. INSP allows a user to migrate storage off of an array, do maintenance on the array, power it down, install firmware, test the upgrade and then move the data back to the array.

The enhancements to iNSP also include support for four-node iNSP clusters, resulting in higher performance during migrations, and data-migration specific enhancements to the iNSP Administrator software.

In addition, iNSP now supports 64-bit Windows and Linux; host multipathing software such as Windows MPIO or EMC PowerPath; and storage arrays from 3Par, LSI, Sun and IBM. iSNP also now supports Windows Active Directory for user authentication and authorization.

INSP starts at US$137,000 for a Cisco Storage Services Module blade.

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