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NetRegistry Launches Guidelines For Businesses Renewing Domain Names

  • 10 June, 2004 10:17

<p>Thousands Face 1st July Deadline On Two-Year Renewals</p>
<p>SYDNEY – 10 June 2004 – NetRegistry, Australia’s premier domain name registration and e-commerce company, has announced a set of guidelines to help businesses maintain their online services without interruption over the coming months.</p>
<p>From 1st July to end of August of this year, 55,000 Australian Internet domain names come up for their two year renewal. Many domain name users are unaware of their options and of the costs they might face if they don’t address the issue now.</p>
<p>Larry Bloch, CEO of NetRegistry, comments, “The industry was deregulated nearly two years ago, which meant that several reputable companies, like NetRegistry, were granted licenses to register and renew domain names. Business owners who had registered their website names for a period of two years often don’t realise how much the industry has changed during this time. Now that their domain name registration is coming up for renewal, it is important for business owners to understand the options available to them.”</p>
<p>Bloch continues, “At NetRegistry, we feel it is important that those domain name owners who have registered with us, as well as those who have registered with other companies, understand their rights before committing to a renewal.”</p>
<p>Domain name owners now have the ability to transfer their registration for free to any licensed registrar at any time. “People should go about domain name renewal as they might go about renewing their green slip; shop around for the best deal, understand what the company you are choosing is offering and make an informed decision,” said Bloch.</p>
<p>NetRegistry advises anyone whose domain name is coming up for renewal to consider the following:</p>
<p>1. Check for the auDA logo
auDA stands for au Domain Administration Ltd and is the industry’s self-regulating
body for the .au domain space. All genuine .au domain name suppliers must be auDA
approved. It is also a good idea to visit the auDA website (, which
provides information on domain names and details about Internet scammers.</p>
<p>2. What is included in the price?
The charge for domain name registration can vary from $60 to $140 for two years.
All registration companies are not the same, so check for hidden costs. There is no
need to pay more for services that will not be used or could be added at a later date
relatively inexpensively.</p>
<p>3. Check for local customer support
Ensure that the company provides local telephone support during regular business hours and is willing to discuss any issues you may have.</p>
<p>4. Account management
Does the provider allow the domain name owner to update any details easily and in a
secure fashion? If the nominated contact moves on from the company, the business
should be able to amend the contact details remotely at no extra cost. Also, check to
see that the provider is able to place all domains owned by a business under one
account, as this saves time and effort when making any changes.</p>
<p>5. Details of notifications.
Determine whether the provider has a renewal and expiry notification system which will allow communication in a timely and accessible manner.</p>
<p>6. Use this renewal period to look at domain name strategy
Many companies are unaware that they are able to register their brand names or a
variety of names associated with their business services. Ensure that your provider will allow you to register conveniently and is available to answer any questions you have regarding the availability of certain domain names.</p>
<p>7. Is the provider focused on individual domain name owners?
Many domain name registrars are focused on large wholesale customers and may not
be equipped to deal with the needs of individual customers.</p>
<p>8. Record of domain name password
The provider should grant you secure access to your domain name password, which is
essential for administering a domain name.</p>
<p>Any businesses concerned about domain name or web hosting issues can get in touch with NetRegistry by calling 1800 78 80 82 or (02) 9699 6099.</p>
<p>For more information on NetRegistry, please visit or contact:</p>
<p>Neil Foster/Erika Longworth
Mango Communications
Phone: (02) 8260 2844
NetRegistry is a privately owned company that was founded in 1997 and is one of Australia’s largest specialist domain name, website hosting and e-commerce service providers. NetRegistry has developed a range of products that cater for the online needs of any business and offers the highest level of technical performance and customer service to companies in Australia. Visit</p>

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