Enterprise addiction to complexity needs to be overcome

Enterprise addiction to complexity needs to be overcome

Bank adds 100 servers per month


Australian business, on average, will deploy one Windows server for every 30 employees, according to new research released yesterday at CIO Magazine's Interact conference in Sydney.

Describing this figure as "staggering" Hydrasight analyst, Michael Warrilow, said there is an enterprise addiction to complexity that needs to be overcome.

He said the high rate of server deployment was revealed in a joint a survey undertaken by Hydrasight in partnership with Computerworld which involved 170 Australian organizations.

"It is this high rate of server deployment that has led to virtualization spreading like wildfire," Warrilow said.

The research found 43 percent of those surveyed are using virtualization while a further 42 percent plan to in the next 12 to 18 months.

"That's a rapid advance and is a good way to reduce hardware dependency," he said.

To demonstrate this addiction to complexity Warrilow referred to a local bank that had 7,000 servers in its data centre.

"This organization was adding 100 servers per month," he added.

"IT projects were being run by business units and for every new service there was a new server."

Warrilow said the bank is now using virtualization and has 1,000 virtualized servers combined with Citrix.

On average, he said virtualization can reduce eight physical servers to one.

But Warrilow warned conference attendees to be aware of "VM sprawl."

"Virtualized servers are so easy to deploy that organizations can create sprawl and may not have the ability to patch them all and manage configuration," he said.

Another speaker at the conference Novell's applied technology strategist, Paul Kangro, said every Australian enterprise will undertake virtualization in the next five years.

"Organizations will be compelled to do it. 2007 is the year virtualization became mainstream," Kangro said.

Referring to IDC figures, Kangro said that in 2006 2.3 million virtualized servers were deployed compared to 7.7 million physical servers.

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