Home grown satellite solution dubbed a world first

Home grown satellite solution dubbed a world first

Aimed at emergency services, mining

A satellite radio solution specifically created for emergency services, disaster management and mining applications has been dubbed a world first by its Australian creators.

It was developed by two local communications organisations, the TR Corporation and manufacturer Beam Satellite.

The SatRADIO Rapid Response RST825 was created after theTR Corporation was approached by a state emergency services organization seeking a solution ideal for field work.

It is designed for integrating Iridium satellite networks and two-way radio communictaions.

The TR Corporation was unwilling to disclose the name of the emergency services organization seeking the solution but said the technology is the first of its kind in the world.

The terminal allows for rapid deployment and both portable and fixed installation, making it ideal for use by the emergency services sector as well as relief aid or disaster recovery operations. Other relevant industries include mining, construction, defence and event management.

In simple terms, by using a handheld or fixed two-way radio on the same frequency as the SatRADIO, users can answer or make telephone calls over the two-way radio interface.

SatRADIO also has the ability to provide a virtual radio network over the satellite network. By using this functionality a voice circuit can be established between the terminal and all its users on that same channel and the called party.

TR Corporation's brand manager of voice communications, Daniel Gleeson, said organizations that use the new technology are benefitting from the insights of people who actually work in the field, often in remote areas or under extreme conditions.

He said the product will be distributed through TR Telecom and local Motorola dealer, MineCom.

It features push to talk technology, supports analogue and digital radio handsets, initiates a virtual radio network and supports fixed and portable applications.

TR Corporation is owned by Advent Private Capital, an equity group listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Only last week Optus announced it will launch its fifth satellite in 2009.

Optus has selected Arianespace to orbit its D3 satellite which will be orbited by an Ariane launcher or a Soyuz launcher from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana.

Meanwhile, Optus D2 is scheduled for launch by Arianespace later this year.

Offering a design life of 15 years, the satellite will provide direct TV broadcast, Internet, telephony and data transmission services for Australia and New Zealand. Optus D3 is the 285th contract signed by Arianespace since its founding in March 1980.

Arianespace currently has a backlog of 41 satellites to be launched.

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