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New UGLii Online Directory to Challenge Sensis Domination

  • 20 April, 2007 14:38

(Media Contacts: CEO John Knorr: 0407 596 823 or 02 9290 1050 – Terry Quinn 0439 710 418)</p>
<p>• • UGLii* Advanced Online Directory System Launches in Australia to compete against Telstra’s Sensis.</p>
<p>• • Initially Targets Small Business – Industry Organisations – Junior Telcos.</p>
<p>After six years in development, an Australian, technologically advanced, internationally patented, interactive online spatial directory system called UGLii Find launched this week, is being marketed directly at the slowly fragmenting small business sector currently monopolised by Telstra’s directory Sensis.</p>
<p>The unusual but memorably named system (*UGLii stands for Unique Geographic Listing representing the actual dot of a precise – within 100 yards - business location on the interactive UGLii Find mapping system.)</p>
<p>The system features a true spatial mapping-based search and unlimited keyword search functionality, developed and location tested over the past six years in partnership with U.S. based MapInfo.</p>
<p>CEO John Knorr explained: “We use MapInfo Corporation maps and some of their technology. We have chosen to partner with them for a number of reasons. One is that we can get under the bonnet of their systems to get them to do what our systems need. Much of what a user interacts with on our system is actually our technology. We own 5 online business systems including UGLii Find that we will commission globally. Four of those systems are spatial systems and need to talk to each other. Using MapInfo gives us the flexibility we need to ensure that those interactions are seamless.</p>
<p>“We have a global technology and revenue sharing arrangement with MapInfo. That arrangement ensures that we can commission our systems in any economy very rapidly. MapInfo systems are widely used by local governments, governments and in industrial processes so they have a very wide network of specialist consultant contractors globally that we use to do development work for us.</p>
<p>We are just about to do an upgrade of the mapping style.</p>
<p>At first glance, the UGLii Find system provides all the usual basic online directory features offered by its main competition - but according to its CEO and founder John Knorr, UGLii Find offers powerful and unique dynamic mapping technology combined with additional business promotional tools and a patented credentialing feature for branding and tagging purposes which businesses will find uniquely valuable for brand marketing.</p>
<p>“UGLii Find is an inclusive, open directory able to provide a wide range of benefits depending on a user’s or business’s needs,” Mr. Knorr said today.</p>
<p>UGLii Find offers free listings to any business, organisation or association and requires only an active ABN. Paid listings at $250 RRP create a website link, additional keyword capacity, and priority in presentation of search results.</p>
<p>A user can search for a business, brand, product or service by entering keywords and geographic criteria. Unlike standard website searching, UGLii Find results are precise matches between keywords in the directory entries and search terms entered by the user.</p>
<p>“Each business on our system is responsible for maintaining and updating its own details as well as entering the keywords about the business and products,” CEO and founder John Knorr said today.</p>
<p>“Every 60 days UGLii Find automatically prompts each business to verify or update its business details on its Control Panel. In doing so, the UGLii Find system ensures that users will always have current information available. The business is rewarded for continually updating this information with a better positioning in results. UGLii Find system is very small business friendly because it does not allow optimisation by large businesses that are able and willing to pay big dollars to push their listing to the head of the queue,” Mr. Knorr said.</p>
<p>In the next business quarter, UGLii Find will release a simple, automated website building feature. This feature will initially be available in basic, with intermediate and advanced to follow.</p>
<p>UGLii Find has features that are also highly attractive for larger business and brand owners. There are marketing links and patented credentialing tools to be implemented early May.</p>
<p>“UGLii Find credentialing is a unique and powerful marketing and branding tool – the first of its kind in any online directory,” Mr. Knorr said.</p>
<p>“A business can, for example, identify all distributors or resellers of its brands for consumers to find easily. Credentialing has many other applications: e.g. an exhibition can identify all of their sponsors; chambers of commerce can credential all their members; a wine society can list all their member vineyards; and a city council can identify all the tourist attractions in the region. These credentials can be either held for internal purposes or be in the public domain.”</p>
<p>“The UGLii Find system is the most sophisticated online directory with functionality, features and benefits for users and businesses.”</p>
<p>About the system in detail:
• • True spatial system.
• • White Brand System - can be presented on many websites and branded as that website’s system. Ideal for local organisations such as chambers of commerce, local portals because the system will present local maps first then allow searching anywhere in Australia
• • Each business has control of its own discovery
• • No optimization or prioritization – all results based on location match and keywords match only
• • UGLii Find has its own affiliate management system
• • Several dozen websites in Australia already present the UGLii Find System – current growth indicates several thousand will be online by Q4 2008.
• • Some UGLii Find partners such as BizMio have specialized services designed specifically for Local Governments
• • UGLii Find system has services for credit card systems, telcos
• • Only Business Directory system that has been built as a Global system
o o common business rules globally
o o only map sets and agreements have to change for each country
o o partners can participate in Australia, multiple countries or globally
o o partners can engage affiliates such as industry organisations, local portals and business related websites
o o has good IP in many economies which means it is very difficult to imitate our systems – easier to join the UGLii coalition than fight it</p>
<p>Why UGLii is Beautiful
• • Coalition approach – any organisation that has a relationship with many businesses can participate
• • Great relationship building system
• • Businesses can register in our system for free and get good discovery benefits.
• • If they want to buy a link to their website they can do so for about $250 per year which is a competitively priced service
• • No optimization processes – level playing field which is a real benefit to small businesses (most businesses)
• • Big businesses will enjoy the UGLii Find system’s credentialing and brand related services (patent pending) and businesses that are multinationals or trade internationally</p>
<p>Our Schedule</p>
<p>• • Commission UK UGLii Find systems mid year.
• • USA System end of year</p>
<p>Ends UGLIii release</p>

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