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Monitor Market Softens with Declining Desktops, Says IDC

  • 10 April, 2007 11:28

<p>NORTH SYDNEY, April 10th, 2007 - IDC has recently released the results for the Australia total PC monitor market Q4 2006. Findings revealed that the Australian PC monitor market contracted 8.7% sequentially while it grew 16.9% compared to the same quarter the previous year. In line with the weak performance in the PC market, both the OEM and branded markets declined sequentially by 12.8% and 4.7% respectively.</p>
<p>IDC has found the following areas are the key highlights of the Q4 2006 PC monitor market:</p>
<p>1) Lingering LCD Panel Shortages - Even though LCD panel shortages had eased a little in 4Q'06, monitor prices continued to inch upwards until December 2006, after which it finally started to show a decline. LCD panel shortages were a common issue among nearly all the monitor vendors, and affected not just the mainstream 17in. and 19in. sizes, but also the 20in. and 22in. sizes. This became increasingly evident, as more vendors had entered the 22in. LCD monitor space in 4Q'06.</p>
<p>2) Weak Seasonal Trends and Pre-Vista Lull - Although IT resellers and retailers prepared for the spike in demand during the Christmas sales period and the start of education purchases, leftover channel inventory from the previous quarter hampered new monitor shipments. In addition, some tenders were also delayed to 1Q'07. Some potential PC and monitor buyers delayed their purchases in 4Q'06, as they chose to wait for Vista's launch in 1Q'07. Following Vista's launch, more users were in favour of larger-sized widescreen monitors with HCDP (High-Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) support. IDC expects to see more monitors as Vista ready in the near future as well.</p>
<p>3) Fierce Competition in the Low-End Market - Following Hyundai's re-entry into the monitor market a couple of quarters ago, more new entrants have emerged. In 4Q'06, MAG (which made an appearance in 3Q'06) captured some market share in the LCD monitor space through its competitive pricing and smooth supplies from its Taiwan-based monitor factory. With greater competition, the low-end market was a fierce battleground for not only the 17in. and 19in. LCD sizes, but the 20in. and 22in. sizes as well.</p>
<p>Lily Lin, Senior Analyst, PC Hardware noted that, "Samsung finished the quarter in the top position with 18.3% share of the branded market while BenQ jumped to second place with 15.3% share. Meanwhile, Viewsonic dropped to third place accounting for 14.7% of all branded monitor shipments in the quarter. Rounding out the top 5 were LG Electronics and Acer with 13.3% and 12.8% market share respectively."</p>
<p>Top five vendors (branded market):</p>
<p># Samsung 18.3%
# Benq 15.3%
# Viewsonic 14.7%
# LG Electronics 13.3%
# Acer 12.8%
# Others 25.6%</p>
<p>If you would like further information or to purchase IDC research, please contact Gary Clarke, IDC Associate VP of Sales via email or phone 02 9925 2226.</p>
<p>For press enquiries please contact:
Lily Lin
Senior Analyst, Hardware/Central Research Group
Phone: 61 2 9925 2249
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