Intel: server and platform services the way to go

Intel: server and platform services the way to go

Channel platforms boss says local resellers still need to get past the price point

Intel's channel needs to look beyond selling a price point if they are to prosper, according to its Channel Platforms Group general manager, Thomas Rampone.

Talking to ARN at the recent Intel Solutions Summit in Auckland, he said resellers had to find ways to create more value.

"It's all about selling a box, for example, that's more than just a box compared to other boxes on the basis of cost only," he said.

Rampone was enthusiastic about the channel building services around the Intel vPro platform, which provides remote access and diagnostics in addition to software and hardware inventory management.

"It's still early going, but there are some early adopters working to deliver services around vPro and it's very exciting," he said.

Rampone also singled out servers as a key area where the channel could compete and grow sales.

"Intel research says only five per cent of the servers the world will consume by 2011 are in the market place today," he said. "That's some tremendous growth we're going to see on the server side - a lot of it will be in data centres."

The road ahead wasn't all smooth sailing, Rampone said, pointing to the slower response local builders had to mobile computing as an area of concern.

"One big challenge for resellers worldwide is the transition to mobile clients," he said. "It's been slower going for the channel to adopt mobile platforms, which is why we've been working on solutions like the common building block standardisation of notebooks."

For its part, Intel will try and be more responsive to the channel in 2007, with the bonuses of many executives, such as Rampone, now tied to customer satisfaction.

- Rob Irwin attended the Intel Solutions Summit as a guest of Intel.

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