Notes from the field: Oracle's SAP attack, old media fights back

Notes from the field: Oracle's SAP attack, old media fights back

Oracle has accused SAP of "corporate theft on a grand scale". The Ellisonians claim employees of SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow posed as Oracle customers and downloaded some 10,000 proprietary documents and software updates. Henning Kagermann, CEO of the German software giant, denies all charges. Also: There's no truth to the rumour SAP got caught when its employees tried to swap the materials on a Bitte Torrent network.

Putting the boob back in tube: Media mastodons NBC and Fox hope to cut the legs out from under YouTube by distributing some of their shows for free via AOL, MSN, MySpace, and Yahoo. They're banking that repeats of Cops or Passions will prove more captivating than those sneezing panda videos. Me, I've got my money on the bears.

No no, no Net: A Parks Associates survey says roughly a third of American households don't have Internet access and like it that way. The reason? Nearly half of anti-Netters say there's nothing online worth looking at. (Apparently they haven't seen the panda videos either.)

Office affairs: In my item on Office 2007 going medieval on Outlook Express's spellchecker, I mistakenly referred to the French language in the feminine and not the masculine. La Belle Francaise actually means "the beautiful French woman". Cringester, Keith U, adds that if I know how to meet beautiful French women using OE, it's probably an infringement of Microsoft's IP rights.

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