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New webmail feature gives TotalBlock three-in-one appeal

  • 17 April, 2007 14:03

<p>TotalBlock Pty Ltd has added webmail capability to its Australian-developed anti-spam solution. This makes TotalBlock a unique three-in-one offering, as it also guards against network overloads caused by storming, harvesting and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.</p>
<p>CEO Peter Stewart says the company introduced webmail in response to customer demand. Now users need log-in only once to use the new facility and check TotalBlock’s control panel.</p>
<p>TotalBlock’s challenge-response technology blocks ALL email from sources unknown to the user. Legitimate emailers respond to the challenge, but machine-generated spam is blocked. The Internet-accessible control panel allows users to authorise specific senders or domains, or to free any blocked emails they might want to read.</p>
<p>Peter Stewart says: “The addition of webmail makes TotalBlock a truly unique solution which will appeal to a range of resellers targeting the consumer, SME and enterprise markets. We are seeking channel partners in all these categories.”</p>
<p>TotalBlock user Sally-Jane Perkins, who runs her legal publishing business from home at Goulburn, welcomes TotalBlock’s new webmail service. Sally-Jane says she uses webmail when travelling, or in emergencies, but since broadband is not available to her she is obliged to access webmail by dial-up and speeds are critical.</p>
<p>“I used to use Yahoo, but found it took several minutes to download, which was awfully slow. In contrast, TotalBlock’s sign-on page comes up almost immediately. TotalBlock webmail is a no-frills service that is fast and does everything I need it to do – I don’t need to waste time downloading unnecessary functions and ads.”</p>
<p>Architect Peter Moffitt, of the Fathom Group, says he too is delighted that TotalBlock has introduced webmail. He asked about this facility on becoming a customer in January 2006, and was disappointed to hear it was not available.</p>
<p>“Although I was disappointed, the spam blocking capabilities were so attractive that I was prepared to put up without web mail, which I wanted for accessing my business emails when travelling. Now webmail is available, it will make communications much easier when I’m away from the office.”</p>
<p>Defence Force member Michael Campbell likes to check his email using his laptop at Internet cafes. He says using TotalBlock webmail provides a convenient way of doing this.</p>
<p>“It works well and has a nice clean simple interface,” he says. “Even before webmail, I thought TotalBlock was excellent – my in-box was often flooded with more than 100 spam emails a day, and TotalBlock has eliminated all of this. Now I’m planning to use my mobile phone for email, which I couldn’t afford to do before because it would have been too expensive paying for all that spam.”</p>
<p>About TotalBlock</p>
<p>TotalBlock - - is an Australian-developed anti-spam solution that also guards against network overloads caused by storming, harvesting and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. It works by blocking ALL machine-generated unwanted email, using a challenge-response technique rather than commonly used filtering. TotalBlock builds a list of acceptable incoming email senders, using a customer’s address book as well as replying automatically to any emailers who are not on the allowed list, and no further emails are challenged. The reply contains a simple action that, when followed, adds the sender to the allowed list. The action can be as simple as replying to the challenge. Since this authorisation process requires human intervention, it bypasses drone machines that spew out huge volumes of spam.</p>
<p># # #</p>
<p>For more information</p>
<p>Peter Stewart or Ben Corby
TotalBlock Pty Ltd
Tel. 61-2-9437 9800</p>

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