Notes from the Field: IE7 rejected, YouTube misdirected

Notes from the Field: IE7 rejected, YouTube misdirected

Microsoft may be gung ho about Internet Explorer 7, but the FBI doesn't share its enthusiasm. Cringester and gun dealer, Robert B, got an email from the Feds saying its National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) does not support IE7. The G-men want to perform a background check on the browser's security flaws before they pull the trigger. (A good idea.) Suddenly Microsoft's plans to roll out IE7 as an automatic Windows update looks even dumber. Maybe Redmond should change that to semi-automatic.

In a pickle: YouTube is being sued by the Universal Tube and Rollform Corporation, whose website has been deluged by quasi-literate Netizens looking for video clips but finding rotary welders and de-dimpling machines instead. Apparently utube's traffic soared from a few thousand to several million hits per month, taking the site offline. Company president, Ralph Girkins, wants the video site to fork over big bucks to cover his "rebranding" costs. No word yet on whether he also plans to sue Vlasic, makers of sweet gherkins, for borrowing his last name.

The Dewey decibel system: Move over, Jeeves, and make room for Ms Dewey ( This sultry search vixen (played by actress/singer, Janina Gavankar) preens, pouts, and taunts you while Windows Live Search looks up answers to your queries. As stealth marketing campaigns go, this one may live to haunt its creator. Ms Dewey is sexy but she's not fast - at least when it comes to search results - and her shtick wears thin rather quickly. Like many things on the Net, you start out hot and bothered and end up just bothered.

The fax news channel: A Cringester who shall go unnamed got a message from saying he could collect $US25-$US100 for every junk fax he receives. He might have found the offer more convincing had it not come spewing out of his fax machine. StopFaxNow sports a completely anonymous site (registered in Hong Kong), bogus contact information, and an anti-spam policy borrowed from Microsoft, of all places. I think a name change to ScamFaxNow may be in order.

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