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Jim2® Business Engine allows Australian Safety Specialists to keep workplaces safe

  • 02 April, 2007 15:30

<p>Hundreds of thousands Australian workers are kept safe each day thanks to the products and services supplied by Australian Safety Specialists Pty Ltd (AustSafety) with help from leading Australian developers Happen Business and their flagship product Jim2® Business Engine.</p>
<p>Australian Safety Specialists are committed to providing the most advanced safety products, plus the highest level of expertise and service to ensure every client has the very best protective solutions.
According to Mr Phil Waller, General Manager of Australian Safety Specialists, there is an increase in pressure for businesses to ensure they are OH&amp;S and Work Safety compliant.</p>
<p>“Due to the increased pressure for business to be compliant across all industries, the demand for products is on the rise which placed a strain on our warehouse system” said Mr Phil Waller, General Manager of Australian Safety Pty Ltd.</p>
<p>Furthermore, increased orders for their 20,000 + stock codes added pressure to their finance and warehouse staff to ensure the right product(s) are picked, packed, delivered and invoiced on time and for the right client.</p>
<p>Australian Safety teamed up with Happen Business to implement Advanced Warehouse Management, a feature for their Jim2® Business Engine which they were using throughout the rest of the business.</p>
<p>“No longer are companies looking for traditional accounting software packages but for one system that manages both their front and back office, whilst streamlining business processes and increasing their revenue” said Paul Berge, Managing Director of Happen Business.</p>
<p>Another problem faced by Australian Safety and a real issue for warehouses in general was the not being able to find stock, which kept their productivity levels lower than what was needed to keep up with demand. This was quickly resolved with Jim2’s Visual Snapshot feature that allows any staff member to see where any piece of stock is at any time. Darren Cowan, the Warehouse Manager was impressed instantly saying they “Were actually able to find something very quickly, and this, by far is one of the best features”.</p>
<p>Another key challenge was to implement a system that would tell the warehouse staff where to pack incoming stock, and where to pick it from in the least amount of time as possible. The descriptions on packing/picking slips are detailed and include stock attributes which reduces human error and increases speed of packing/picking.</p>
<p>Jim2® Business Engine has allowed Australian Safety to have processes in place to ensure mistakes aren’t made. “Advanced warehouse management was able to reduce human errors by 30% within 2 weeks of implementation” said Mr Waller.</p>
<p>“Jim2® Business Engine is designed by Australians which means we understand Australian Business’ needs and are available quickly and with no fuss for all clients” said Mr Berger, Happen Business.</p>
<p>This solution was ideal for Australian Safety Solutions as it was automatically integrated into their current Jim2® Business Engine system which provides full accounting functionality, job costing, work-flow management and multi-currency to name a few.</p>
<p>Due to the success in NSW, AustSafety are now rolling out advanced warehouse management by Happen Business to all seven locations and should be completed by June 30 2007.</p>
<p>Call (02) 9570 4696 or visit for you FREE 90-day trial CD of Jim2® Business Engine</p>
<p>For more information and media enquiries:
Paul Berger, Managing Director: (02) 9570 4696 (mob) 0417 472 116
Address: Suite 1a, 29 – 33 Pitt St, Mortdale NSW 2223 Australia

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