Good for standard video

Good for standard video

The IN72 has a native resolution of 854x480, making it ideal for standard defi nition projection. While it does accept high definition video signals up to 1080p, the higher the resolution, the greater the drop in image quality.

We ran three different DVD tests using the Philips CE2006 demo DVD, Digital Video Essentials and the famous lobby scene from The Matrix. In the Philips CE2006 tests, the projector performed rather well. The motion jitter test showed only a minor level of jitter and the colour tests revealed excellent reproduction and separation with no oversaturation. We were also pleased to discover that there was no over sharpening and the level of detail was more than adequate.

The IN72 utilises a six segment colour wheel and thus the level of Rainbow effect was so minor that the majority of the time we didn't experience it at all. In contrast, other six segment DLP projectors we have reviewed have not been quite as effective.

The Digital Video Essentials tests, for the most part, were handled brilliantly, with the only problem being a very slight pixel fl utter at around 20 per cent grey amplitude (very dark grey).

The black on white contrast test was absolutely perfect with no discolouration along the line where the two colours collide. The colour block tests were also flawless with no noticeable problems and the SMPTE bar tests followed suit.

When watching the lobby scene from The Matrix we found only one issue, which was a slight amount of fl y-screen effect and associated pixilation, but this was mostly negligible from a comfortable viewing distance of about two metres. This is most likely the product of interpolation.

While this is a standard definition projector, it is built with NTSC standard definition in mind with a native 480p DLP chip. PAL standard definition runs at 576i/p so when using this projector for watching PAL DVDs, the image is immediately subject to possible scaling artefacts. Apart from this one issue, the image quality is quite remarkable. There was no image noise, no discolouration, smooth motion with no ghosting, no over sharpening, excellent skin tones, and brilliant contrast with no stepping.

Unfortunately, High Defi nition capabilities are a different story. Firstly, it should be noted that the unit's ability to accept high definition sources up to 1080p resolution is both unique and commendable. Considering the native, standard definition resolution of the DLP chip, it does a fairly good job at displaying HD sources.

However if users are considering this projector with High Definition in mind, they should be aware that there are other units on the market for around the same price that are natively High Definition and will look far better.

We connected the Xbox 360 video game console to the unit at 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolutions to perform gaming tests. We played Ghost Recon Advanced Warfi ghter and found that while the image quality was quite good, pixilation and fl y screening was noticeable even at two metres.

While 1080p performance was good, text and fine details were lost in the scaling process.

Apart from this, there were no other problems when displaying HD gaming content.

The IN72 is quite attractive, featuring a gloss piano black finish. The vents are situated on either side of the unit to dissipate heat more efficiently while also looking attractive. The ports, which are located on the back of the unit, consist of HDMI, Component, Composite, S-Video, and DVI/M1-DA. Measuring 360mm x 360mm x 120mm (height), it is also a reasonably large unit when compared with most DLP projectors. The throw distance was also excellent. We produced a four metre (diagonally) image from only two metres at maximum zoom. The reported throw distance ratio is 1.76:1 at minimum zoom and 2.12:1 at maximum zoom and the minimum focal distance is 1.5 metres.

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