What's new: February 14, 2007

What's new: February 14, 2007

Symantec Veritas Backup Reporter 6.0

The enterprise backup reporting tool provides IT administrators with comprehensive visibility into backup and recovery operations. Users can enhance verify backup service level compliance, and run backup as a shared IT service. It also enables comprehensive data management, backup consolidation, and reporting of heterogeneous environments which support Symantec's Veritas NetBackup and Backup Exec products, in addition to third-party backup solutions. The software's centralised reporting view of single or multiple backup applications helps customers to optimise their environment by aggregating historical data to better forecast trends and help justify the need for critical capital expenditures such as tape drives or additional backup servers and backup media. IT administrators can be proactive in assessing backup operations as all views are hierarchical with drill-down capabilities.

Distributed by Ingram Micro and Express Data.
RRP: 25 devices for $15,000; 100 devices for $35,000; 500 devices for $85,000; and 1000 devices for $135,000.

Adaptec Snap Server 650 network storage

Targeted at the mid-market, this network storage solution is optimised for demanding data protection applications such as video surveillance, email database archive, performance-sensitive, disk-based backup and long distance disaster recovery. It ranges from an entry-level 160GB model up to the scalable 650 with 64.2TB and with throughput speeds to 1045Mbps. It offers a full suite of integrated data protection solutions including antivirus, backup and recovery, and data replication. Built on the AMD Opteron architecture, it provides a base capacity of 1.2TB with Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives (15k RPM) and available memory that is scalable from 2GB-4GB for fast throughput for performance-intensive application and data protection environments. For added protection the 650 features dual 2Gbit Ethernet interfaces with failover and balancing as well as dual hot swappable power supplies and cooling, and Ultra 160 SCSI port for tape drive support, all packaged in a 1U frame.
Distributed by Lan 1, Ingram Micro and Synnex.
RRP: from $28,396

NetApp StoreVault S500

Designed for the SMB market, the scalable all-in-one network storage appliance provides security, peace-of-mind data protection and simplified management of all business information. Robust data defence capabilities include Snapshots and protection from dual drive failure. The combination of StoreVault's hardware configuration and software set-up provides data protection and maintenance of the system to ensure maximum availability. The intuitive interface and lower entry cost allows affordable access to data management tools that were previously the domain of enterprise environments. It also features enhanced ease of installation and manageability. It is Microsoft Certifi ed and ideal for MS Sequel or Exchange backups, and with VMware. With scalability from 1TB-6TB, and the ability to combine NAS, iSCSI SAN and Fibre Channel SAN, StoreVault offers advanced data protection and the tools to grow the business without having to grow the IT team.
Distributed by Lan 1.
RRP: about $8900 for 1TB raw storage capacity. Pricing dependent upon configuration.

Quantum DXi-Series

The DXi-Series disk backup and replication appliances use Quantum's data de-duplication technology to expand the amount of backup data users can retain on fast-recovery RAID systems by 10-50 times. The result is a cost-effective way for IT departments to store backup data on disk for months instead of days, providing high-speed, reliable restores, increasing available data recovery points, and reducing media management. For disaster recovery in distributed environments, the DXi-Series appliances make automated, WAN replication practical by dramatically reducing the bandwidth required to move backup data securely between sites. The DXi3500 is designed for sites with 1.2TB to 4.2TB of local data to protect. The DXi5500 is designed for larger sites and mid-range data centres with up to 11TB of local data to protect.
Distributed by ACA Pacifi c, Express Data, Synnex, Acer and Hitachi.

Hitachi Data Protection Suite

Powered by CommVault, the solution provides high-performance data protection, data management, and universal availability of data on complex heterogeneous storage networks. Based on a Common Technology Engine, the suite integrates backup and recovery, point-in-time replication, archiving, and storage resource management technologies under a unified easy-to-use graphical user interface. Customers can solve challenges like shrinking backup windows, rising tape costs and recovering critical data. The suite features an array of software including Backup and Recovery, Data Archiver, Data Migrator, Quick Recovery, Data Protection Monitor, and Continuous Data Replicator. Hitachi Data Archiver software delivers the data archival, search, and retrieval capabilities necessary to meet the increasing demand on organisations for consistent data retention and retrieval. Hitachi Data Migrator provides unmatched Hierarchical Storage Management capabilities. It automatically migrates data to less expensive secondary storage while retaining transparent user access.
Distributed by Hitachi.
RRP: from $10,000

MaxStor 4U RAID A24UG2421

This 18TB solution is ideal for data storage and disaster recovery. The system comes with dual channel Ultra 320 SCSI interface, redundant power supply, SCSI to SATA II RAID controller, 24 sets 750GB SATA II HDDs and two hot swappable redundant cooling modules. The 68pin SCSI interface enables data access of up to 320MBps for each channel and two channels for SCSI to SATA II. The MaxStor 4U RAID subsystem has multiple arrays, configurable with dedicated hot spare drives. The system has automatic background rebuild, Native Command Queuing (NCQ) support, dedicated bandwidth to each connected drive and automatic bad sector reassignment. It has an on-board alarm for monitoring of all fans and power supplies in the event of failure or overheating. Its dimensions are 447mm x 174.4mm x 514mm. It weighs 65kg. This system is designed for tape replacement and near-line storage, data retention and archives as well
as JBOD and DAS storage solutions.
Distributed by Digicor.
RRP: $25,288

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