NZ vendor transfers attention to Australian resellers

NZ vendor transfers attention to Australian resellers

Upload software vendor looks to establish local channel

NZ-based software consulting firm, Blade, has unveiled transfer software enabling large file HTTP uploads. It is now on the hunt for resellers to take the product into the local market.

Blade director, Valentine Boiarkine, said the company, which has developed training content and demonstration material for the likes of Microsoft, had always struggled in uploading large files to clients.

"We develop so much content and need to send it to the US on a regular basis. The only reliable way to do it has been to send them on DVD with a courier," she said. "Even couriers, however, manage to lose DVDs, and that can strain the relationship you have with your clients, making them think about using local suppliers instead."

Boiarkine said an answer emerged last year when Blade decided to write its own transfer software in conjunction with UK software writers. It has now released the product in NZ under the name Blade Transfer Services.

Software that allows users to download from the Internet with pause/resume/queue functionality isn't new. What Boiarkine stressed, however, was that Blade's software allowed the same functionality in reverse -- in the uploading process.

"We looked around for software that could do this, and there was nothing out there," she said. "So we just wrote it."

Boiarkine said it was looking to establish a channel. The company had used its Microsoft connections and begun tentative talks with the software giant's Microsoft Valued Partners to give its software a leg-up into local trial sites.

"What we're ultimately looking for is resellers working with the corporate sector - basically, the kind of market which is always transferring large backup files or database files," she said. "Education, health and science are potentials, too."

The software starts from $US195 for one server and three clients. An unlimited site license is also available at a negotiable price, dependent on servers and clients. A free 30-day trial is available for download.

No decision has been made on whether Blade will opt for a two-tier or a single-tier channel model in Australia. Boiarkine said she was open to hearing the case for bringing distributors on-board.

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